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          CHANNELED MESSAGES  THROUGH           

                       Debra A. Charveron


Does Intelligent Life Exist In Other Dimensions, Other

Realities?  Have You Seen E.T.s, Light Beings, UFOs, Orbs, Spirits, or other Unusual Phenomena?  Ever Taken Paranormal Photos?

                     The Universe is a Mystery!  


Do you think about the possibility of life outside of our world? Do you imagine other beings existing in other dimensions, on planets, in other galaxies, in nature, in the Earth, in the sky, in oceans, or anywhere else? 

Have you seen a UFO, a spirit, or anything of an unusual nature?
Have you taken a photo and something or someone showed up in the picture that you did not see with your physical eyes?  Have you had unusual experiences?  I, Debra, can answer "yes" to all these questions.
I have been working in the metaphysical field since 1990 doing psychic readings for people in person or on the phone.  As a medium, I am able to connect with spirit and other beings.  In 2002,

I started receiving profound messages from a variety of entities. This began my journey as a conscious channel; fully aware of what is being given to me.  These messages are for everyone to read because this is information for all to know.  I have telepathic communication with them, but, have not physically seen them yet.


To find out more about me please read my biography.  Donna Kirby was present for several channeled messages, asked questions of the entities or commented, and helped me work on this website.

I need to say this to you before you read the channeled messages

on the website.  The source of all life has implemented a divine
plan to help mankind and the Earth.  This is happening quickly.
Other life forms who exist elsewhere are here and coming for
this purpose.  They are different in appearance, in ways of being, from different worlds, and advanced loving beings.  They will help humans to change in positive ways, to care for others and the Earth.  It is out of love this is occurring.  These are entities who are advanced and what they have to share will benefit us.  Be open-minded, receptive, welcoming, desire to know them, desire to know more, and be without fear.  There are many things to learn; truths to be revealed; knowledge of who we really are; advancements in ways that will make things easier for us; healings; working together; ways of having more abilities; and more.  There is so 
much for these light beings to share.  It will be life-changing for those who accept their existence. 


There is evidence of other beings, in the universe, having been here and some who actually are here.  It's just we aren't aware of them or most not capable of being aware.  The Earth have intergalactic and inter-dimensional life forms.  Our world will be different for certain and we will definitely have to adjust.  At least,

for those who want to ascend.  So our personal reality will be altered.  It is a bit unnerving to imagine, but, we are not alone in this

universe.  We are all of the same source, just in different forms and worlds to experience.  We just don't remember.

I am grateful that we are getting help that is so needed.  This is
life-changing and it will be a different world!  I know this is all difficult to believe, but, wouldn't it be wonderful, interesting,  fascinating, and fortunate that we will have help to improve our lives and our Earth?!





Copyright 2014



P.S.  A note to say there are more messages to read. I have been

delayed in putting them on this website. Please be patient. 11/10/17



Photo by Robert F. Allen

Photo by Robert F. Allen

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