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Channeled Message 2-10-15 from Samuel, Trudy, Trojan, & William, through

Debra A. Charveron, with Donna Kirby present. 


It is I Samuel who wishes to speak this evening.  All of us are glad that you are together again and excited to be doing this work. That you have definitely made your decision to continue and to continue working with us and the many groups that will present themselves to you.  They are eager to speak, yet, we are and have been in charge of who speaks and at what time.  We allow for so much information to be given and then we try to end it at a specific time. 
We do want to include a few others, at this time period, so that you are introduced to the very many that are here.  Not all will be able to be introduced at this time, but, at the next gathering you will meet even more entities.
At this time, we would like to present to you an official declaration of independence. This independence is to be clarified in that it is the beginning of you being free of the control that has manifested here for so long.  It is a freedom for all to experience, to be aware of, to enjoy, to actually feel the chains, if you will, be lifted from their bodies, from their minds.  So it is with great respect that we present this to you so that you know that your lives are going to change fairly immediately.  You will see the progression. 
It is good to keep a journal of things at the present moment or things that have happened in the previous day or month, that kind of thing.  Keep kind of a journal of some of the things you may see change within the body, within the mind, the emotional state or with other people.  Your relationships with other people. This too will change.  You may see some getting better.  You may see some that will no longer be a part of your relationship.  That's okay because they are on a different path.  The two of you are, specifically, being prepared for the purpose of helping the Earth and helping people.  Your path is this and so you both are going along pretty much at the same pace of sharing what is needed to be shared.  Doing what is needed to get the word out.  Meeting people or knowing about people that are possible aids in certain service.  So this will continue to happen.  You will meet other people and you will learn their talents.  You will learn what they have to offer.  It is to keep track of the people and what they do.  So it would be good to have a list of those people that you have learned about and what they are talented in or whatever their abilities are or their service.  It is good to have a list of these people because they are potentially ones that will assist you both in many ways.  They do know other people.  So it is like a networking of individuals or groups that can be of assistance.
We find remarkable, the fact, that you and Debra have quickly decided to continue on with us.  To certainly trust us in what we say to you and what others say to you.  We are all being monitored.  The Creator is very aware of what has been discussed; what guidance has been given; what specifics each group will give to you both to help you progress or to help with the work in getting the messages out.  It is remarkable because we knew the feelings that you had were a bit despondent because you expected so much in happening.  It was presented in a way that was significant or it was presented to be extremely significant in the opening of the connection with others. 
Though you do not know how this has been affecting other people.  Some are not sharing because they feel uncomfortable. Things are happening and you will see in your own lives things will progress.  Things will open up and there will be more experiences for you. 
We had given a specific time period in hopes to plant a seed for people to desire a connection with others.  To think about the other existences, the other life forms that could possibly be in other dimensions or realities. That they, meaning the entities, are desiring and have been desiring to communicate with humankind.  It has been a difficult avenue for some because there are not that many who are open to that communication.  There is fear in some ways with those that have that potential ability or have that ability.  Also, they do possibly interpret the communication incorrectly or correctly and then it has some affect on that person receiving the communication. 
So as you referred earlier, we do sense certain things at a certain time period.  With that being said, it does not always as we or someone else would say, comes to fruition.  Something has occurred that has changed the energy in the world.  There are many variables.  There are many shifts within people that can go either way, if you know what I mean.  They may not even give it another thought or they may be developing more fear of hearing the possibility of other beings here, advanced beings.  So their imagination or their thoughts could be kind of wild because they are thinking of all these things and possibilities.  Partly, it is the movies that create this fear, sometimes, in their minds, about the entities and what they may look like and what they may do.  So we have, over and over, prepared you and have insured we have an honorable purpose in being here.


So when the energies change there will be a different outcome.  It could be delayed, the opening, where people really strongly feel or know something's happening or they are making connections with certain groups or feeling a presence.  A higher level energy affects others with a lower energy and sometimes it is uncomfortable.  The person does not know what's going on and is curious or thinks there is something wrong with them, but, that's not the case.  Something is going on, but, it is not what they think.  Sometimes they need to control their imagination, basically, it is fear.  They need to control that.


You both have experienced some things during sleep.  You have not been aware of because it has not come to consciousness yet.  We have heard what you have had to say, what occurred during meditations.  It was meant to occur.  The information that Debra received during the meditation is significant and will be revealed to her at a later time. It is a communication that involves many subjects.  It is presented, seemingly, in a bombardment of this data, or symbols, as you said, or language.  It is a variety of information that was given, but, will make sense at a later time.  She will recognize what it means because it is something that she is knowledgeable about.  She recognizes within her soul the meaning of this information.  It is information that will help people, specifically, to advance their abilities.  Those that have abilities and aware of what they can do, this will help them progress. 


At some point, there will be a group of individuals which you will have to discuss what they can do.  There will be certain experiments or exercises, as you may say, to do which will elevate them and evolve them in their abilities.  Do you understand what I am saying?  (Donna:  Yes)  It would be most helpful for you both to understand the meaning of this information and how it can help others. 


There will be different groups of people who you will have contact with that are brought together because they are,basically, on the same level.  What you discuss with them or talk to them about will be that which they will understand.  You will have another group which will be presented other kinds of information to help them to seek their own spiritual path or seek information, or have questions, and you both can helpful in that.  They are kind of in a beginning stage, if you will, or know very little.  It may be a younger crowd or it may be an older crowd who is just beginning to really open up to the existence of others or the abilities that they could possibly have, and to meditate and to get the information that is of benefit during their meditations.  How it affects the body, the mind, the soul.  So there will be different levels of people that you will talk to and there will be some that do not accept what is being said or have so much fear about it that they shut down or they will not talk about it or discuss it anymore.  There will be others who are more open and want to learn and want to know more.  These are the ones that are excited about something new, something that they have not discussed before, not learned about before, because everything has been hush hush in the area of other beings, other dimensions, other lives. 


A lot of the media, the tv shows are showing this information and talking about it, and talking about beings that have been to the earth, existed a long time ago, and had many visitations and helped the civilizations in different areas.  It is depicted in the artwork or in the story-telling.  Some of this has gone by the wayside in that some is not talked about as it used to be.  Because there are many things have happened in the Earth.  The construction of the pyramids, Stonehenge, the crop circles.  All these are significant and will have more of a revelation to people and knowing their function, knowing that they are not something to look at or visit.  There is much more to learn about.  There are many other structures, also,  other masses of land will be discovered that are under water.  Much of this is going to be revealed to people so they have that awareness that humans did not, were not capable of creating these, we would say, spiritual constructions.  They all have meaning.  They are not randomly put here.  There is significance for them still standing. 


We wanted to let you know that some of the questions that you have had or concerns or thoughts of will be discussed  and will be given to you about the meaning of Stonehenge, or the meaning of the crop circles. The crop circles are made from different groups, different entities.  It is a code of some sort that has great meaning to the individual group, also, has the energy of the group.  Do you understand this?  (Donna:  Yes)  That it emits the energy. (Donna: Thank you).  Some have healing affects that if visited a person will have a dramatic affect on their physicality or their emotional wellbeing.  (Donna:  I have a question.  Yes  (Donna:  Would you share with us which of ones those have the healing affects?  You know whether it would be Stonehenge, pyramids, or crop circles. etc..)  Okay.  There are crop circles in Eastern Europe that have healing properties.  Others have kind of a residual energy.  An energy that draws certain people to that particular crop circle which may be in another area in the U.S. or somewhere else. There is a drawing to the crop circle because the entities that created the crop circle have designed it so that it draws a particular person there or many people to this crop circle because the entities are the ones these people will connect with.  So it could be in another location where other people are connecting with the same group or with another group.  There is a drawing to that particular crop circle in which the human wants to see, wants to experience.  It will happen more because it is meant to.  It's like I have to go see this.  I have to experience this.  I want to feel whatever it is I may feel.   I'm so drawn to this design.  It is like there is a recognition in the human.  It is definitely a recognition because they are connecting with others that have either been with or will be connecting with here at the right time.  Does that answer your question?  (Donna:  Yes)


We have for you this evening a grand example of one being compelled to do something.  When one gets that urge it needs to be fulfilled.  Don't discount an urge to do something.  Maybe you have felt it or Debra.  Where you have it in your mind.  It just comes up.  I have to go somewhere.  I have to talk to someone.  It is important that you follow through on those urges.  It may be just to travel a few miles to see someone.  There is an importance in the connection at that time. 


We are greatly satisfied with the way things are going.  As we have said before, we will guide you or direct you into a certain direction.  Meaning someone is important to the work or you are becoming aware of others who will be of service or who will give ideas of how to progress with this work.  Also, you will have opportunities to speak. You will find it easier the more that you speak and become more open about the subject matter.  It will  be easier for you to present this work.  Again, to not be so concerned about the reactions of people. Some will be positive and some neutral and some that will not be accepting of it.  It is the time for humans to know that we exist.  It is time for the communication.  It is time for humans to advance, to evolve to another level.  It is a tremendous opportunity for those to do that because the usual way is just where you are not given help like this.  You were not given help like this in the past.  This is something that is unique, especially, happening at this particular time period.  It is happening because you are both here.  There are others which you may or may not connect with, but, they are also getting information, as well, to share with people.  The responsibilities do not lie on the two of you, but, at the same time, it is what you have chosen to do and what you have accepted.  You have made this choice.  It is a choice of "yes".  Continuing with this for however long a period it will take.  The feelings of trusting us will become stronger and stronger.  The more that we are connecting and communicating and the more that you see what can be, what can be for yourselves, in your lives, for your loved ones, for your friends, the more you say "yes" to this.  The more it excites you.  The more it becomes even more important, expands to much more than what you are feeling right now.  You see this?  (Donna:  Yes)  So we do want you to understand that you both have a special purpose in this.  Though, others have their special purpose connected with this, it is the two of you that will be in charge with and in partnership with us and the other groups that present themselves.  Is that clear?  (Donna:  Yes.) 


(Donna:  I have another question.})  Alright.  (Donna: If I may?  Could it be possible for us to see a light being that you think would be one that we would resonate with today?.....I'm ready.)  The possibility is there to see.  The frequency, the vibration of your being must match up with the entity so there needs to be a little more evolvement within.  Yes, this is going to occur because you desire it to occur.  It will happen much sooner than you think.  A lot of things are going to be happening this year.  A lot of changes.  A lot of growth with individuals.  Yes, when you are at the vibration this is very possible.  It may start out as feeling the presence of someone.  It being strong and affecting your body, but, that can go a step further in desiring to see this being that you are working with or would like to communicate with.  All things are possible.  All beings have potential.  Do not expect everything to happen at one time.  You may think that you are ready, but, maybe on a vibrational level you are not quite ready.  So if that makes it a little clearer in understanding that the potential is there, the possibility is there, it is just raising the vibration.  (Donna:  Will that help through meditation?)  Yes. Yes,yes indeed.  The communication can occur during meditation and it is that you may see in your mind, your 3rd eye, you may see that being or that group.  Then at some point, you will see with the physical eye. We have another who would like to speak.  You've spoken to Trudy before.  She would like to say a few things at this point. 



Good evening.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to speak to you again and hope that you both are beginning to feel better about this work, about your lives.  There is, I have noticed that there are some physical conditions that you are in need of help with.  I would like to be able to help you with this.  It is for you to call upon me or think about me and I will be present and I will help you in ways that you have not been helped before.  (Donna:  Excellent.) This is for the both of you.  I, specifically, gear toward healing matters with the mind, with the body, the emotions, with the spirit.  I wanted to present this to you as a gift to you both.  A gift that will be recognized.  A gift that is and has been desired by the two of you.  When you call upon my name or think about me, I will be there.  I will help you through what it is you desire or release that which is within that is creating the physical problem.  (Donna:  We're so grateful, Trudy, thank you for that offer.  We will take you up on that.  Most certainly.)  I have one other thing to say, before I go.   That is when you are in the presence of one who does healing, it is to be consciously aware of what is happening within your body before the healing, as well as. your mind, and your emotional state.  It's being aware of all these things going on with you before the healing would take place. We would like for you to write down what your experiences are.  To keep track, so when, 5 years or so down the road,10 years, you can go book to this book and see where you were and then where you are at this point.  You are meant to progress, you are meant to evolve, you are meant to be in bodies that will help you achieve what is necessary to achieve.  To have the energy to do the work and many other things that are required of you.  So you see the desire in healing may be on the forefront of your thoughts and to, at times, make the time to relax and to request healing.  Desire it and this will affect your body, your mind, your emotional state, and your spiritual state.  We say to you that, it is inevitable for you to be in the most perfect health.  People knowing this will resonate even more toward the two of you because they may know your history or they desire healing for themselves.  So they will figure you will know something about this.  How you were able to achieve this.  You can relay to them what you did or what you have done.  Still may be different changes in the way the healing is done.  The more that you become more aware, the more evolved, the more of the vibration raised, you will have more ideas and more techniques, if you will, of healing.  It can only grow.  All the abilities can only grow to be more.  The more you become aware of yourself, who you are, the more that you are able to manifest healings much quicker than has been done.  Do you understand?  (Donna:  Yes.)  Okay.  (Donna:  Thank you.)  This is something very beautiful to be looking forward to.  We will help in all the ways that we can.  There are others who also do healing work and they may be involved as well.  May sense the presence of someone else and that's fine.  They have a different perspective of healing, a different way of doing it.  You can utilize one or more methods as a way of helping people and people being drawn to a certain modality or technique.  So with that we would like to leave you to contemplate on what has been said to you both.  We welcome the opportunity to speak to you again.  Our feelings of gratefulness and happiness are exhibited within us for this special time period in which we can communicate.  So it is at this time we will leave you.  Bless you and all our love to you and your loved ones.  (Donna:  Thank you so incredibly much for speaking with us today.  We are so happy to be chosen to do this work.  There is really  nothing else that we would rather do than to help mankind and the Earth. You have our complete and total love and cooperation.  Thank you.)  Another would like to speak at this time. 



I am from another world.  My name is Trojan.  I am a warrior.  I am a soldier from ancient times.  I have been to the Earth many, many times and have, in some ways, have given strength to others who need it.  Not so much the strength in the ability to fight, but, strength's the inner strength.  I have been helpful to many who have needed inner strength to continue in their life here.  I want to say that at times, you both, will need to have this strength, this inner strength, to persevere, to be strong in a situation.  To be absolute in what you are doing, what you are saying and not to back down, not to be fearful, not to have doubts in your mind that you are maybe not doing the right thing.  You must feel within your own heart, within your own being, that you are where you are where you are suppose to be at this specific time and with these specific people.  It is for people to see your strength. see your and hear your convictions.  Do you understand this?  (Donna:  Yes)  That it is important that you are strong in what you are saying to other people.  It is important to feel it.  I will be there to help you.  I am a protector.  I have with me others who are soldiers, as well, or warriors, spiritual warriors who will surround you and protect you from negative thinking or any kind of behavior because this is such a tremendous plan for humankind and the Earth that nothing can stand in the way of it progressing, of it being.  We are all here to see that this happens.  It is our duty, it is our function, it is our mind set.  We are here out of love and we are here to protect.  We are here to show many things to humans; compassion, inner strength, the will to continue even though things may look hopeless for some or for those who may feel powerless.  We are here.  They may not see us.  They may not feel us, but, we are there with them.  It is the child that can see.  The child, at a young age who becomes aware of others; that sees more and finds comfort in what we are doing for them.  So this bit of information is for you to know that you are protected.  You are in our presence.  When you are in our presence our energy affects you and you feel a sense of being that is so strong and so powerful that no matter what anyone does will not affect you.  You are beyond being affected.   You are strong in what you think, in what you say and what you do.  Know this and feel this.  You will feel it more when we are surrounding you.  We are protectors.  There are others, as well, that are protectors who may not speak, but, they are there with you, with both of you and with others that you are in contact with.  So it is for you to know this, for you to feel secure, for you to feel strong and powerful, and to make a stand for what you are saying and doing.  This has a great affect on others.  It will allow others to believe what is being said.  It will allow others to open up more and it will plant a seed with other people.  Others are already open so they are looking for more.  So this will occur.  This will occur in their own experiences.  So with that, we want you to think upon these things and draw up within yourselves that strength.  It's like through osmosis that we are generating this strength and you are absorbing it.  Do you understand this?  (Donna:  Yes, absolutely.)  Do you welcome this?  (Donna:  Yes, thank you so much for endowing us with this gift.)  It is our honor, it is our duty and we will always be there for you, Debra and others.  It is our purpose.  We are protectors.  So with that we would like to say good evening to you and that we have honor, we have love, and we have great respect for all those who are involved in this work, as we have great respect for all those who are here and who will be coming here.  It is our love and respect for the Creator that has allowed us to be here and to participate in this manner.  (Donna:  Thank you so very, very much from the bottom of our hearts.  We thank you.) Thank you.  There is one other who will be speaking.



It is I William.  I have spoken a long time ago to Debra.  I am aware of the participants here and the great many entities who are here who have the great love and respect for not only the Creator, but, for humankind and the Earth.  I, too, have these feelings as well.  I come from a distant star and have visited with Debra awhile back and had given information to her.  Now having that opportunity to speak, I am taking the opportunity to speak.  (Donna:  Please do.)  There has been much seriousness in the discussions and I understand this and at  times one needs levity, needs to laugh, needs to play, relax, have fun, and to know when ones life is out of balance with the work, the play, the thoughts, whatever.  Do you understand what I am saying?  (Donna:  Yes.)  So I do like to lighten things a bit.  Not always so serious.  Being a little more playful in communication.  Where I come from is so far away from your planet, yet, my world is very much aware of the Earth and humans.  We can travel, quite quickly, to other places.  We have a higher mentality and a...kind of a lighter way of being.  Our planet is such that there is more laughing, you would say, more of joking around.  It is a light-hearted area.  I, particularly, wanted to be here to show that we are not so serious.  That, you know, we don't want to come off so powerful or strong or having that intention to give so much information out without there being laughter, or a smile.  So I just wanted to pop in and talk to the two of you and know that not all of the entities are so seriously minded or all intellectuals.  There are many different kinds and they will relate differently.  Ours just happens to be a planet that is without conflict, without negativity.  It is a beautiful place and beautiful beings that exist there.  We have a lot of discussions, but, we have a lot of playfulness, a lot of laughter and smiling, and feeling good.  So we just wanted to come here and to interject, at times, not to take being so seriously.  Humans tend to kind of exaggerate their emotions or their reactions to things and things are not that serious.  Basically, it is an illusion.  You have what seems to be a reality, but, yet it is not where you come from.  It is not who you are.  You are in the human form and you are playing a role.  Yet, obviously, playing a higher role in the purpose that you have.  Not everybody has that kind of purpose.  So when things, at times, feel unhappy, when you feel unhappy, or in despair or angry, just step back and possibly find the humor in it.  Okay, this really is not as serious as I am making it out to be.  So it's you know, being lighter, being happier, more joyful.  Just letting go of the seriousness of being.  So we will help with that.  We will come through, at times, to interject thoughts.  We are happy to have been a part of this.  That we are allowed to speak.  That it will continue, at times, as well others who you have not met yet who will speak or who you will have an experience with.  Watch out for that!  (Donna:  We do like to laugh, William.)  So at this time we would like to leave you with your thoughts and discussion.  This will end the session for right now.  We give our love and support to you both and to your families.  We greatly appreciate this opportunity to be with you.  (Donna:  William, we do as well and we do try to look at the lighter side of things, more often than not.  We can be serious, but, we do love to laugh and be happy.  Thank you so much for intervening today and speaking with us.  We do seriously appreciate it.)  You are quite welcome.  Our love to you both.  (Donna:  Our love to you, as well.) 






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