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Channeled Message 9-1-14 From Samuel Through Debra A. Charveron,with Donna Kirby present
Donna we see that your energy has picked up.  That you are more motivated 
and the enthusiasm for what you have been experiencing has created a
momentum for you to do more.  Do more that you have been suggested to do.
Also, the ideas that you have coming to you there is a need for you to write
down and bring to fruition.  In the course of certain  that will be
happening this year and next year there will be some changes that you will go
through which will create more growth for you.  This is in order for you to be
involved in work that Debra and Robert do.  You are a likely candidate for this
because of your open-mindedness and receptiveness to what has been spoken.
The mindset that you have allows for the communication to take place here, as
well as, in other places.  It was to bring you in so you are aware of what is going
on and what may be going on.  There will be information that will be given that
you can utilize and that will help you in your spiritual growth and which will help
your husband and other family members. 
There is a bond; a connection with you and Debra that goes so far way back.
There have been many lifetimes in which you have been together.  There is a bond,
also, is also you being in sync with each other that it allows for this experience
to take place.  So it was inevitable that you both met and have become friends and
will continue to work together at times and individually.  There's much that will be
relayed; much that will be learned.  It's important that both of you understand and
understand clearly what is being said and what the experience is that will take place.
These experiences are notably unusual because there will be interactions with light
beings that are different from the human form.  So this will take place and it is for us
to prepare you for this.  Understanding is necessary because there will be different
speakers.  Those beings that relay thoughts...their thoughts are a little different
then what has been spoken to you.  So it is necessary for you to understand
exactly what they are saying; or suggesting; or relaying to you about eventual

events.  Events may take place in different locations so it's being opened to

travelling; being extremely open to the differences in beings.  It is, as we have

said before,... it will take some time to get use to.  We would like to tell you to

just prepare yourself and at times imagine what another being would look like

or several different beings would look like.  Possibly, in that imagination it is real
what you imagine.  Okay. 
Communication will be most likely telepathic and at times will be spoken for
there will be large groups of people that need to hear the spoken word.  That may
be relayed through Debra or another or it may be that people just know; just know
what is being said.  So things may not need to be translated or interpreted because
it will be given to many who speak a different language here.  So it is necessary for
all to understand. 
The sequence of this will occur when the time is ready for humans to become more
aware of others who exist.  It is not that they will show up at your doorstep and ring
your bell.  It won't be like that.  There will be an indication.  We don't want to say
warning.  It is an indication that a presence is here.  So it will be either you are feeling
that or just knowing someone is here to communicate; and then the eventual
appearance.  It won't be like you turn around and there's somebody there.  It won't
occur like that because we understand that humans are quite fearful.  There will be
no surprise.  Nothing that will be shocking, hopefully, but it will be for those who do
not understand or who are not receptive and who have an image of the world in a
certain way that does not include other beings. 
So it is quite an effort for us to communicate or it will be an effort to communicate with
those who have not really thought about the existence of others.  For some who are
open-minded like yourself, it will be easier to communicate and to reveal ourselves to you. 
We realize that some people will be hesitant in seeing, although, they can be more receptive
in hearing the communication rather than knowing the source of that communication.  It is

again, maybe scary to some.  We all look different; and our worlds are different; our ways of

being are different.  There may be things in contrast to how the human lives and communicates

and socializes.  All these things can be experienced when those beings come forward to reveal
There are ways in which we can or other beings can kind of comfort you.  Kind of dispel the fear.
It is our light; our love; our presence that creates a warmth, and a love that you will feel which
will dispel fear.  This is a wonderful thing because so many humans are not open-minded or do
not think we exist.  Some think it is only the human form that exists.  Their way of thinking will
be changed, hopefully, to accept what they are experiencing; accept what they are hearing in
the communication; what is being revealed; what is being thought.  All these things are to help
humankind  to evolve. 
The evolution of humans has been very slow.  There is a continuation of evolvement when one
incarnates here.  It is a continuation.  It is at times a very slow progression.  At times it is where
one doesn't learn that much and keeps coming back in order to experience more and learn more. 
Some can learn more if they have had incarnations in other worlds; in other forms because many
are at a higher vibration; a higher level.  So that is helpful because there is a remembrance or a
memory within that helps one to be and seem to be on an advanced level of being.  Some just

come in human form to be an example.  To be an example of love and to be placed in an environment
where there is a lack of love; nurturing; comfort.  It is so the human(s) can learn from this particular
human.  It is like that in many families where people seem like they are very different from each

other and they are in a lot of respects, but, they have come for a reason or reasons and that is to

learn and to learn from one another, hopefully.
We feel there is a need for adjustment of energies here so we will take a moment here to make

an adjustment.  There is a need for there to be a calmness with both of you.  Sometimes emotion
prevents the connection.  At times this may occur and it's not to worry about anything.   It is just
an adjustment on our part that we will need to do from time to time.  We know the energy that
you feel, both of you, is a little bit heightened.  That's's because you feel our energy.
We want you to take three deep breaths in slowly and exhale slowly.
So we begin again.  The essence of being is that of love; of light.  This is what needs to be
expressed, from all that are here on Earth.  For to allow humans to realize that maybe they

are not feeling enough love; enough love for themselves; enough love for others.  Also, to

learn that no matter what form the soul takes we are all of one source.  This is the primary

concern for humans because they do not accept themselves; they do not accept others;

cultural differences or differences in appearances; or what have you.  It can be very trivial

in their judgments; in their likes and dislikes.  Hopefully, we will influence those who are so

rigid in their thinking and beliefs that it will allow for them to process what is given and to

really look at themselves and how it's much better to think more positively and more lovingly
toward others. Because if they knew who they really were they would be very ashamed
of what they are doing to other people. 
We do not come here to criticize or reprimand.  Although, we do.. would like to guide others
and reveal to them who they are; how they are; what they are capable of doing and being;

and that their true identity; true source of being is so loving and beautiful.  It will take much
convincing from us and other beings to relay so much information about the Source; the
Creator; who you are; where you come from; what it is like.  Also, the many ways that we can
help in improving the human being; improving things which are done here in a primitive way.
It is for all to acknowledge that we have come here to be a blessing for everyone and that
our love is what brings us here.  Our love for all.
If given the chance or opportunity for humans not to run away in fear,but, to respond in a
more positive way and to take time to learn about us and others, it would be to their benefit.
We would accept those who may not accept us; we accept them.  If they choose to run away
or not hear what is being said or for whatever reason, it is always the human's choice.  We are
not here to force anyone to listen or to learn; we are not here to do that.  We want to make
that clear to both of you that we are here on good terms.  There will not be any conflict other
than the conflict that is within the human.  We have certain guidelines, certain functions;
certain duties.  We do not have full reign over things.  We are guided by the Creator and
instructed.  We want you to know this is and for others to know that our motive for being
here is of a pure motive; it is to help. 
You will see yourselves change greatly because you want to learn; because you want to know;
you want to know truths; you want to know the teachings; you want to grow spiritually and
we are here to help those who wish to do that.  Everyone is on a different path so anybody

can choose to be enlightened; to change their views; change their feelings; change their

thoughts and beliefs.  All these things can take place.  It's if those beings allows themselves

to do so.  They can remain in their set ways or they can flourish. 


This is what is needed to share with others.  Any time is the right time to share.  There is no

need to hold back what is given and has been given.  It is a prime opportunity to share with

others because things will happen very quickly.  We do want those to be prepared somewhat

and have that knowledge or awareness that things will be different here; things will be changing

and very positively.  The Earth has been in an uproar as you may know, with the devastation and

the destruction and the polluting of the sky and water.  Some unnecessary things that have

occurred on Earth is because the Earth's a living being; a consciousness that is aware; aware of

what it is giving to humankind and is aware of the destruction of the Earth; nature; of all that has

been given to humankind.  It was not for this purpose to be destroyed; to be polluted and poisoned,

and is these things that are of a negative force.  Many do not care; many do care.  So it is with our help

that we will reveal to humans that it is necessary to love the Earth; to love what the Earth has given for

so long... over and over.  The Earth was created to be beautiful; to be giving in so many ways to those

who live here.  Many have used the Earth and used it in ways that may not be considered positive ways. 

So it is to help the humans to create a better environment for those who come after; those who are living

here; for the future; for the Earth to sustain and not destruct for that's where it was heading.  That's why

we are here to intervene, as you may say, to save the Earth and to create a more peaceful environment. 

Peaceful amongst the humans because there needs to be a realization of how the Earth is being treated

and how humans are treating each other.  There needs to be that realization and not the judgment and

hatred that prevails in many areas  and creates much disturbance and disturbance to the Earth.  The Earth

feels and the Earth responds to the negativity and the destruction and pollution and so on and so forth. 

In some ways it is rebelling against this and so it shows up as devastation; or death; destruction.  You know, like an emotional upheaval, but, it is taking place within the Earth and we all see this.


We realize that humans have a...some humans have a strong negative force and lack love of self and

lack love of others and the environment.  It is so strong and compelling that it creates wars; it creates

conflict with others.  When there are groups with this heightened energy it just goes out of control

and destroys and there is such a lack of valuing another.  We hope to have a great affect on humans

and that our brothers and sisters from other worlds; dimensions; will have a tremendous affect on

humankind, also, on the Earth.  We care about the Earth and we can make some adjustments to

what's happening in certain areas.  We don't intend to really interfere with others, but, we do want

to be a guide and an influence for the positive force; the good.


Your journey here (Donna) you have decided to be of service and you have done it in a certain manner

for many years which has been helpful to those that you have taught.  You will continue the teaching,

but, in a different manner which you are fine with.  You are open and receptive to knowing more and

to sharing that because it is that which is needed to be shared and for all those here to be informed.

It is necessary for the two of you to really see the importance of that.  To see that it's necessary to

give information; to share it with others; no matter how they react; no matter.  Do not let that

deter you...either one of you.  Though it may be difficult at times because there is an emotional

level that comes with having access to this information.  Being privileged to have the contact; have

the teachings; have the truth; have that knowing which is more than what humans do know about

themselves.  No matter how anyone responds or reacts, you must go forward.  You is

important that you continue because it is part of your mission here...your purpose for being here. 

You both have chosen to come at a time when it was possible for you to both meet and to share

ideas and communicate and to know that you have a great opportunity here and multiple experiences

and things that you could not maybe imagine, but, will be excited about and would like to learn.


We have many abilities that no one has really seen.  This is something we can show you, also, it is

possible for you both to be able to do more than you have.  It is the accelerating of vibration; the

level of being and it is purposeful because it is part of your mission; it is part of what you are to do

here.  To be an example; or to be make others aware of what the possibilities are.  This is

something to look forward many things can be made easier once your vibration and your

awareness is at a higher level.  These are abilities of the soul; abilities of those who are at an

advanced level.  We look at the Earth and smile sometimes because we know that things could be

much easier for the humans, but, we were not allowed to give this information or really interact

with humans until now.  It is for good reason and very purposeful that we all have come here.

So it is the time to welcome others and to know that this is definitely going to occur and that you

are more than you think you are; you have more abilities than you can conceive and we will be

happy to show some of these things and so we will.


There are things you must work on...both of you.  It is always a continuation of working on self.

In looking back you see the growth because it will be like a great leap...who was that person?

You look at yourself now and it's unbelievable or incredible that you got to that point, you know.

So that is something to really look forward to.  It helps greatly when family or friends are growing

with you so that you don't leave them behind or they don't feel left alone or you don't feel like

you are on a journey by yourself.  The more that you are raising your vibration to the level that

you can see beings; communicate; you will know that you are not alone.  There are others that

are here.  You will feel the love.  You will definitely feel that energy and it will dispel any kind of

doubt or fear that dwells within.  


Of course, there will be those that you especially communicate with.  Not everyone will be able

to communicate.  Well, let's say will not be able to communicate with those they do not resonate

with.  Some will not experience that because they are too close-minded, you know.  They are too

rigid in their thinking so they may not experience as much as another.


I feel, at this time, that we will end this session.  We want to say to you, Donna, that it is a

wonderful opportunity to be able to communicate with you both and for you to hear what is to

come about.  To say that both of you are progressing nicely...that we see this.  We know that it is a

journey to know more and create more and to share.  This is quite a phenomenal adventure to take.

You have been...both of you have been willing souls to come here and to help to accelerate mankind

and to help the Earth.  So with that we will part and communicate again.


 Samuel, et al



Copyright 2014

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