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Channeled Message from Samuel on 5/16/14 through

Debra A. Charveron
Tonight we speak about hardship and how it creates havoc in your universe.
Hardship is another illusion of which despair is the consequence.  Your true
self does not experience this, but, the human does.  The format of creation
was to experience a variety of obstacles - to overcome these - to grow
spiritually in the process.  Depending on the individual's inner strength,
guidance and help from others, would have a marked difference in the
outcome of these obstacles.  Inner strength is perpetuated by love.  The
determination of spirit is characterized by this inner strength. 
Those who have felt defeat must find within themselves the courage and
fortitude to get beyond these experiences.  Imagination and creativity is
what is needed to embark on a different path.  It is change that is what the
individual must create in order to break patterns of these obstacles. 
Why me?  Why does this keep happening to me you ask?  It is the habitual
thinking; it is the limiting beliefs that cause the seemingly repetitive
experiences, situations, or hardships that continue to occur.  You must
be aware of your thoughts for they create your reality as do your beliefs.
Change these thoughts and beliefs in order to break the patterns.  Thinking
and doing the same things do not bring a different outcome.  Learn that
your power is substantial and anything can be changed in your lives.
Many of your experiences are to move you into a direction that you have
chosen for yourself prior to your human experience.  These hardships
and other situations you encounter give you the opportunity to grow
spiritually and strengthen the characteristics you particularly want to gain
in the present lifetime.  The means of these accomplishments are certainly
made known to you and will help you to restore you on your path to
enlightenment.  In the sphere of understanding, you must awaken to the
knowing that you are more than your form.  You are inexplicably capable
of surpassing your circumstances.  It is the idea or notion that you are
incapable, or the resignation that whatever your circumstance is your lot
in life or it's too hard to have a different life. 
Tendency with some is to give up or limit themselves or not see that there
is a way out of their dire circumstances.  Be creative!  Imagine or visualize
a new life.  The soul is naturally creative.  Do not see yourselves as lowly,
limited, beings.  Many have achieved magnificent lives who had difficulties
or hardships or seemingly lack of help.  Draw upon your inner strength.
Use your creativity to change your circumstances.  All of you can do this.
Get beyond your fears.  You stop you; you negate you; you keep yourselves
in situation that are negative, stifling, etc.  Free yourselves of the chains of
iniquity; injustice toward yourselves!  It is you who can understand these
words and who many change the course of your lives.  Listen carefully.
Know you are magnificent beings with everything within you to have
valuable, significant lives.  Be conscious of your thoughts and spoken
words.  Think and speak well of self and create purposely and consciously
in your journey here.
We will stop here and will communicate soon.
Samuel, and all


Copyright 2014


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