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Channeled Message 9-17-14 from Samuel through Debra A. Charveron, with Donna Kirby present
It is I, Samuel, who wishes to speak to you; to you both.  We have heard your rhetoric
and we would like to explain some things to you that we feel would give more of an
understanding of what is taking place with you both.  It is with great excitement, on
our part, that we can and are able to communicate with the two of you in order to
share information that is definitely for the public.  We want you to know that there
are no restrictions for you.  That you are capable and ready to share this information
that is being given to you.  It is not to be overly cautious in presenting what we have
told you all along to prepare for.  The preparation is and has been taking place and
it is now to be available to those who are willing to listen.  In fact, there are many

who are open to hearing this; though you may not know who they are.  It is making

the information available in different ways.  Not necessarily to have to speak to others,

but, share through your computer or in other ways.  It is definitely at the point, at the
present time, to acknowledge that this information must be shared with others.  It is
time.  It has been in a timely basis, but, we can tell you that presently it is for you not
to hold yourself back. 
We understand the feelings that Robert has about the work and we understood that

he may not be as trusting with people or cautious or protecting the work and knowing

that many will not be receptive or maybe not have a pure motive in becoming a part of

the work.  They may see it as an advantage point to manipulate or to take control or
something else that is not of a pure thought.  So that being said, at times we can see
that you may have to  discern who you are speaking with and what is being said and
knowing their intent that's what's important.  It is to know their intent.  So I think that
is what Robert is trying to convey, although, it may not have sounded like that.  He is
certainly involved to a great degree and has access to information that may not be
readily available to you both, but, at the same time you are getting information that
is to be readily presented to others.  To be discerning of those who you know are

coming from a...more of an innocence or a purity of thought or an interest.  It's knowing

these kinds of people that you are communicating to individually or in a group; however

small or however large.  It is being is using your intuition, your knowing, your feeling,

gut feeling about someone.  When it is in a...when it is a large group you can not always

know whose intention is pure or who will react negatively or positively to what has been

spoken or to what has been seen.  Though, you will receive this kind of reaction, we know

this because we know that humans panic; are fearful; and act out of control when they are

in this heightened state of being; it is to know that you are protected and that what you are
presenting or what you are saying may not resonate with everyone.  It is for you to remain
centered and calm as you present this.  You are being prepared for the response that humans
will have to what they are hearing and what they are seeing and experiencing.  It's okay.  It's
just that you need to move forward with this.  To stay calm and centered and knowing what you
are doing is for the benefit of all.  You have help; you have protection; and we want to stress
this that no harm would come to either one of you.  (Donna: Or our families?)  Anyone involved
or connected does not need to worry about any harm or disturbance.  (Donna:  Thank you?)
We have many credible things to inform you both of and we feel that some of the issues that have
been talked about today is to dismiss.  Do not worry about it.  Do not be concerned about what has
been written or what has been spoken.  This is what we need to stress to you both is not to take
everything personally.  Because if you did you'd be in an emotional upheaval and (Donna: crazy)
in tears, and all these things.  So it is to have humor about it or not take it so seriously.  There will
be many things that will be said to you and you will have to slough it off.  You know, do not allow
them to offend you.  Do not allow for people to make you sensitive to what is being said.  It is like
standing in your own power and know that you are in the divine plan.  You are imminent players
in this divine plan that is to play out in this world.  So it is to know that.  To know that I, to know
that you and Debra have a particular role in this and it is important and it is to remember certain
things that we speak about that come from a state of love.  Even if someone disagrees with you or
is angry, it is their position on what is being said.  It is not you to be caught up in that emotion.  So
this may be a little difficult, but, we will try to protect you from the emotional feeling of that person. 
Certain things to learn and certain things to be.  Certain states of being in which would be helpful to
you both in being aware; being consciously aware of what you are thinking; and how you are feeling in those moments.  You know.  It's stepping back and breathing and just not reacting's like just taking a step back and breathe and respond in a calm and loving way.  This is what we would like for the two of you to do and, as well as, Robert and who else is involved in this.  It is necessary to have that calmness for others to feel that calmness; to feel they are safe; to feel that they are protected and not to have fear of what is occurring.  They are not being attacked; they are not being controlled or taken over.  It's none of these things, but, people who have watched many a movie have taken on this belief that the alien forms are here to do harm.  Well this is not true.  There are some that are in a dark place and there are many who are of light and who are in a loving state of being and who are advanced in many ways and who have come to help.
What we would like to do and for you to do is to dispel the fear in talking to others and say things that
would be appropriate to calming people and allowing them to feel they are protected.  They are not being threatened.  It's all these things.  It's very important that people feel this and not run out the door or just, you know, get in a state of hysteria.
At this point, we would like to say that all in all we will be doing our best to help to ease people by our
presence, because what you feel many people will feel.  You know the warmth or the love or kindness;
all these positive energies that come from all of us.  It is when the human is in heightened state of

emotion that it prevents them from feeling the energies.  Do you understand this? (Donna: Yes)

(Debra: I understand.) Okay. 
At this moment, we would like for you both to just relax, sit back, close your eyes, and just feel for a

moment our presence.  We are getting closer, we are stepping into your energy.  You may feel a rush

of energy taking place; a coolness.  There are many of us here.  The closer that we come to you and the more that you are receptive to us you will get to that point to where you actually see us.  We are just coming close enough so you have an awareness of our energy.  Now we will step back so that you feel the difference.  Now open your eyes, take a deep breath, and exhale, and be aware of how you are feeling at this moment.
Donna we would like to say this to you, that we are expecting that you will be able to seek more

understanding of what you will be prepared for in the future.  There will be glimpses of what you

may be doing.  You may get this in your dreams or it may just come to your mind what you may be

doing in the future.  So it is to know that it is part of what you will be doing.  More will be given to

you and more and more you will experience others besides ourselves.  You will experience their

energies and their communication.  You must speak up if you do not understand or you do not

feel the information is clear or if you just need it clarified better.  You will find people will be asking

questions and will want to know more.  There will be some enthusiasm from people and others

who will be skeptical or dismissing information that is given.  Even so it is just to remain in your own

sense of being and knowing and the power that is within; and to take your stance of knowing that

what is being communicated is true.
We would like to say that tonight there will be an experience of a different nature other than the

communication, or feeling our energies.  It will be something that you will recognize as being

different and not to be disarmed by it, but, be expecting of something that would occur.  Not

necessarily while the two of you are together.  It could be later in the evening or when you are

sleeping.  You may awaken.  It is a bit of a surprise, but, it is to know that you will have experiences

that will be unusual.  We have more to say.  We won't say more of what the experience will be.  It is

something that you need to write down or record and date of this experience, because there will be

some that; say it is sort of a puzzle; a piece of a puzzle; and you have this experience and you have

another and then you see the connection between the two or the multiple experiences.  It is good to

keep a journal of these things; what you felt; what you thought; what you saw; what you became

aware of.  All these things...just write down in a journal or record.
We are happy to say that things are going as they should.  Though, there may seem to be glitches

notably between people.  It's not necessarily happening that way.  So one needs to trust one's feeling

about what they are doing and what they may be doing.  If it is to not take place it will not take place. 

So it's just you and Debra taking steps forward and if it is not to play out as your intention was, then

there will be a signal that this is not to occur yet or not at all.  So both of you need to understand that

this being a divine plan there are some things that cannot be done beforehand; before the timing
is right.  So we would like for you to be patient and understanding that not everything may occur

at the time you may have an idea for.  It may happen at a later date or it may not happen at all. 

Something else may come up as an opportunity or as an idea.


At this point, we feel that we would like for you to discuss certain things about the ideas you may

have or the opportunities that may come through others because this is how it will play out, so to

speak, that you tell someone something and they know someone and this person tells that person,

so on and so forth.  A lot of it will be word of mouth.  A lot of it the opportunities may come about

because of this person's interest or this person knows someone who could be helpful for the

presentation of this work.  Also, it will be given to you where you need to go or where you will be

transported to because there are means that have been shown in some of the pictures of the way

that you will travel.  There being many different ways of travelling.  We want you to know that

travelling in a vehicle that is much different than you know of is beneficial to you both and to

whomever is involved at the time to transport very quickly where you need to go.  Some things

will be spontaneous and some things you will have a preparatory time before it may occur. 

Sometimes what you have planned on a human level is not necessarily going to take place. 

We are sorry, but, there have to know that this work, this divine work, is #1 and that

family or friends will have to come second or third.  So we hope that you have understanding

about this and know that it is not to deter you from having fun or pleasure with others.  You will have

this, but, there will be times where it is more important for you to be at a certain place at a certain,

particular, time.


So with that we would like for you to speak and ask questions or to discuss what is on your minds. 

(Debra:  Donna is in another area.)  (Donna: So the energy I felt before Debra arrived was...was that

your energy I was feeling?)  Are you asking if it is?  Yes it is a feeling of bliss, of being aware of others

being here because you are sensing and feeling the energies of our group, as well as, other entities

that are also here.  We do share information with others.  They have interest in being in your presence

so they have come before this one (Debra) arrived, so you felt the energies.  This is the kind of feeling

that will take place at times with others.  It is to become grounded so that you can speak.  Grounded

so that you can function.  At the same time, it is possible to feel what you are feeling and still be able

to communicate with others in a group or individually.  (Donna: Have I seen before me somewhat of

what you look like?)  Can you describe what you've seen?  (Donna: It was almost like a negative of your face...with a blue haze or light all around.  I'm still seeing something different now.)  You are sensing others.  We are recognizable to some, but, who you are seeing are other groups who are here that are kind of coming up to you and then allowing you to feel them or sense in your mind and then going back and another coming forward.  Debra is seeing beings that had like a full dress, plain, nothing that stood out.  It was just something being worn that went to the ground.  That is not us either.  As we said, we were approaching so were others coming closer. 


(Donna: Is there any resemblance to the human face?)  There are some that have similarity.  There are some that have absolutely no similarity to human form.  Some are of light and color.  Some take a form that's not necessarily very dense in their form.  You will, also, have those that can create the denseness n order to communicate; in order for the human to see; and to be able to interact. 

There will be thosewhowillve to lower their vibration in order to do that, but, it is not a problem.  It is just not their natural state of vibration.  It is more of a vibration of the human form.  In order for that communication for those humans to see who they are communicating with; whom they are having to work with; these forms must lower their vibration or lower their frequency in order for the human to actually see them and communicate.  It is more of a physical level of being.  So in their natural state it is not that.  If you understand this?  This will take place with many forms in order for the human to see them with the physical eye, not just in the mind's eye, so they will be able to show themselves. This is, also, to allow for the easiness and comfortableness that the human can feel, especially, when they are working with someone who is very different from them.  It is not to scare the humankind.  It is not to be frightened of their motives, but, to know that this particular person is going to work with you on some level.  It would be creating something of a higher technology. It could be a scientist.  It could be one who teaches or guides groups of people to evolve; to know more of a certain subject.  So there will be a variety of things that one can experience.  It's just the openness has to be there; the receptiveness has to be there. There cannot be the fear...the fear will stand in the way you see.  It will prevent that happening or if something occurs we do not want the human to have fear or panic or be so frightened that they would freeze or, you know, run away.  This is why we wish for there to be more information shared. It has to be a global sharing.  It's not just for those in the United States.  It's for everyone who exists  in this world.  It not only benefits those that are human, but, it benefits other groups of beings. They are very much affected.  It's because we are all one.  We are very much affected by each other. This is a beneficial event and events that will take place for them, as well as, for humans.


(Donna: I have a question.)  I was going to ask you that.  (Donna: Can you rid Debra and I of our  physical pain so that we can end anything that can't be improved in our body, to improve our walk, or stance, or just be pain-free so that we can move about easily, freely, and perfectly?) This can occur and this will occur.  It's to keep that in your mind that you are perfect, you are whole, you are in your natural being of perfection; without pain; without injury; without illness, without all those things that may feel debilitating to one.  This will be over a course of time in which we and others will relay information in the how to do things better or to create an atmosphere of healing energy.  This could also happen in your group and we would like for your group to be aware that we can facilitate certain activities that would be beneficial to the body, not only to the body, also to the mind; to the mental state; to the emotional state; to the spiritual state.  This can take place as long as all are, as you would say, on the same page and are willing to receive.


Consciously, most people want to be helped; want to be healed; it's just could be something the soul

possibly is not accepting.  At the same time, the soul knows what is taking place in this world and knows that it is beneficial for all to be in a more perfected state of being in order to accomplish what they need to accomplish throughout a long term period.  Yes it is, it will be conducive for you and others to be in a better state of being.  It would help to eliminate any despair or any pain; whether that be emotional or physical.  It is important to also work on the self.  Doing things with your own effort to help yourselves. We also are here to help you with that and help others with that.  It is not something that we are saying...too bad...this is the way it is.  It is not that.  We are saying that we are here to help in many, many ways and one of them is healing.  We do know ways of creating that healing state of being and we will share this with you.  We or others will share with you.  It's not to look upon your human self as crippled, or disabled, or non-functioning, or low on energy, or any of these things that would create despair or thoughts that it is impossible for me to do this work.  We say to you both that you are inclined to do this work.  You are wanting and have chosen to do this work.  At the same time, you didn't know that certain experiences would create problems with the physical body, or the mind, in the emotional state, etc., or the spiritual state.  It is not to be a forever thing.  This will and could happen very quickly in your terms and not to be disheartened, at the present time, of your conditions. 


(Donna:  Can we start with the next group session and how do we initiate that healing

to come into our group, in 48 hours or whatever?)  Yes, it's something that you can

relay to others that if the group is willing to get in a receptive state of healing that some

will be aware of the energies around them and the energies going through them.  It's not

something that you have to do a ritual for.  It is just opening the mind and heart to welcome

this and to feel deserving of healing, and all the positive thoughts that you can have that...

yes I welcome healing energy.  So some things may occur at that time, or a little later in the

evening or the next day that one would notice something's different, something has gone.

It's just to become aware of your whole being after the or during the group meeting.  So yes,

this is going to happen very soon.  It's just being open to that, individually, or as a group.

It can be presented so they can get into that mindset.  So at the time you want to present this

to them, anytime during the meeting is fine, it does not matter. 


Do you have anything you'd like to discuss or would like to discuss or question or concern?

(Donna: How about you Debra?) (Debra: I don't know.) (Donna: When you say Creator and I

say Creator, we are both talking about the same Creator...the only Creator?  Is that not correct?)

We understand what you are saying.  There is one being; one conscious being that has the power

and the awareness of everyone that has been created in your world and in other worlds and very

aware of everything that occurs.  There are not words to describe this Creator, God, Source, or

whatever you wish to call.  Many cultures say different things and the very many cultures have a

different view of what their Creator is.  We are here to tell you that many are incorrect in what

they think and so we intend to inform them that what they believe is not true.  We want to convey,

in special ways, to others that all who exist has come from one Source.  All those that exist here

and in other worlds; other dimensions.  Also, there are those that are in spirit form so they are in

their natural form.  There are not Gods; there are not Gods in different dimensions or anything like

that.  It is one being; one incredible being that guides us and instructs us and that allows all of us

to be and to be whatever it is conducive for the realm.  Do you understand that?  (Donna: Yes)

In the world or the realm or the dimension of being, there are certain, you might say, terms that

exist with each level of dimension or existence.  So it differs from each other.  We are all one.

We are all of one being.  (Donna: Thank you) (Donna: Would we be able to affect or prevent wars?)

(Debra: Will we be able to or will they be able to?) (Donna: Will they be able to?)  It will be most

likely from the instruction, guidance, that we give or the example of being.  It is not that we will

interfere to stop beings from being violent.  The humans have to become aware of how they are;

to be aware of what they are doing.  It is through our energies; through our presence; through our

knowledge and teachings that would benefit the human being and allow them to change.  It is not

that we will perform magic and that person is changed, it cannot be that way.  (Donna: I understand)

We will definitely have affect on humankind.  As we said before, very life-changing with all those who

become aware of others, like ourselves.  It will cause them to assess themselves; what is being taught; what is being, hopefully, influencing on humans; all the teaching that will be shared with all of you will,hopefully, create an affect within the human to change.


It will be of benefit to many because the changes will be significant.  This is a great time of evolution.

A period of time where things will be speeded up because we have come and we have...we all have

our functions; and we all have our work to do here and informing others and sharing what we know

and making things easier.  It will allow to have the humans dispel their anger and frustration and sadness and all these things because they are greatly affected in many ways because we will have given great knowledge.  We will have given technological information that makes things easier for people.  We will give information on how to heal oneself, as well as, doing work on others; healing work.  We will share so much that you can't possibly understand everything at the present time, but, you will understand in the future for you will grow and be able to do many things that you are not presently able to do.  So in knowing that and desiring this to occur it creates a happiness within the self to know that one is powerful and one is in some ways creating a magical event or something that seems magical to others, but, is very natural for the soul.  So it is many, many, things, many subjects, that all those who come here will share what they know and humans will, hopefully, be in a more welcoming state of being and prepared for this. This is why we say to you that it's necessary to get information out in the many ways that one can.  So it is a need for the two of you to have ideas and to utilize these ideas in order for others to know what is occurring and to be somewhat prepared for this awakening.  This awakening of other beings who exist and to not be so shocked or discounting some of their experiences that they have.  Many will experience a lot that seems to be very unusual.  At the same time, exciting and many will welcome this.  Others will just not have thought anything more than who they are and what they can do.  It will be a surprise to many.  (Donna: I'll bet)


So do you have anymore questions or concerns?  (Donna: Are we going to be younger because I keep seeing Debra about 20 years younger?) (Debra: That would be great.)  This is so very possible because there are ways of rejuvenating the body and reversing the age process.  The aging is, in some ways, a disease and there are things happening in the world that creates this because we have mentioned before that pollution of the sky and pollution of the water and the air and the food; all these things  contribute to differentiating the body.  We will give much guidance and information on ways of creating a youthful being.  At the same time, we will give information that will let you know how to change your appearance.  This will happen, eventually, it's not something you will learn right now, but, it's something to keep in mind that will take place.


So we feel at this time we will end this session unless there are more questions or concerns.  (Donna: I have no more questions.)  Okay.  (Donna: Thank you so much for coming.)  We are glad to be here and welcome your presence and always the opportunity to speak to you both; and to be able to

speak to others eventually.  (Donna: Thanks a lot)  Thank you.


 Samuel, et al



Copyright 2014

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