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Channeled Message 1-10-15 from Samuel Through Debra A. Charveron
with Donna Kirby Present 


It is I, Samuel, who have come here today to speak to you both about the intrusive

nature of beings.  Now we say this with kindness, but, there are some beings who

would like to speak, yet, they don't have a great deal of information to give.  It's

more or less wanting to communicate with humans.  We feel that we have intercepted

this because we know that you do want information that is valuable for humankind and

for the Earth.  We are deliberate in saying that this may occur at times where others may want to speak, but, they will not be able to communicate because we or another group has cut them off, so to speak.  We understand some of the reasons why they want to communicate, but, in an effort to progress with you both and to inform others of

pertinent information we will, at all times, prevent this from occurring.  So we just wanted to let you know that there are others who would like to speak, but, necessarily have a lot of information to give or important information to be spoken. 

(Donna:  Thank you for providing that filter.)


We have for you important information to give this evening.  We think that it is a practical use to discuss things that are on your mind; things that have happened; things that may happen.  We feel there are energies among you that take on form of a different kind than human that will cause at times disturbances.  These disturbances are a means for them to make it known that they are here.  They want to communicate or they want you to experience them in some way.  We are trying...many of us are trying...many different groups are trying to prevent these kinds of disturbances because it causes a confusion for you in thinking that "oh there is someone here who wants to communicate something of importance and that is valuable".  This isn't the case all the time.  Their are some that just want to be acknowledged...their presence to be acknowledged.  Their purpose isn't that of a higher nature.  Their purpose is not as our purpose is. 


We have told you before why we have come here.  Many of our duties are to instruct; guide; teach;reveal truths; to advance technology; advance ways of being and people's abilities.  Some of these beings are kind of annoying.  We would say...only because we have great purpose here.  We have to push them out of the way, so to speak.  Not literally, but, to inform them that they need not to talk to you.  They can talk to other people.  We want to tell you this because there are so many different  levels of being and each has their own purposes and desires.  It is important that when you are

together that the information flows without interference.  We know that there has been a bit of an interference here electrically speaking and that is due to our presence here because there are a great many more here then were previously.  So we have affect on the electronics and it is not to worry because everything will be working.  It's just our presence has a great energy and it does affect the electrical components of devices and what is around or nearby.  It can be that strong that it affects others as well.


For right now, we would like to talk to you again about a previous message that was given, that you recall.  The spectacular event that will occur very soon.  It is in this month, particularly, that it will occur.  It is as if the sky is opening.  It is symbolic of the veil being eliminated as you perceive your reality.  This veil is being eliminated so those that are at the higher level or at a level in which they can perceive others they will be able to see and be able to communicate with those in spirit.  Those in spirit have been waiting for this to occur and it is a most wondrous event that will be taking place very soon.  It is not to worry that nothing will happen nor have any doubt of what we say for what we say is as we are guided to speak; as we are instructed to say will occur.  It is not something that is haphazard or random or flippant.  It is most definite an absolute.  So take away all your worries of this event not occurring.  It is a very special event.  It is a very monumental event that will take place this month as we have said previously.  This is extremely special for everyone who does experience this.  It is an eye-opening event.  It is in some ways, for some people, will be a miraculous event for it has not occurred before.  There has been such a revealing of energies and revealing of those in spirit.  A time in which one can communicate with others and see that others exist.  Others that you have known still exist even though they have passed from the human form.  So this is substantial evidence that there are other realities and that it will change people's views; their spiritual beliefs in ways that are quite profound.  For many...many are atheists who believe in evidence of other life forms, but, this will be dispelled because of this special event.  It is at times to look to the sky because there are some unusual things happening in the sky.  Sometimes at sunset.  If you look out you can see something unusual occurring.

There is more information that will be coming to you both in order for you to understand more of who we are or what our intention is; what our function is; what our duties are...responsibilities.  We are ones who are keeping things in a certain direction; a certain progression.  It is our duty to kind of keep things on the right path.  Do you understand?  (Donna:  Yes, thank you) Okay.   So we will kind of maneuver things into the right direction so that at times when you are out and about, try to maneuver where you meet a particular person who will be helpful in the future or the present time.  This is so that what you are doing can be escalated; can be given to more people in a bigger

way.  Also, these people will be helpful in the future.  Not only because they see evidence of what is occurring, also, have that belief and support of what the intention is of other life beings.  They will support this because they have great love for the Earth and they have great love for mankind.  So they see the importance of this, as well as, there is an excitement and fascination about this because it is unique for humans to experience this. 


Humans have a tendency to get so involved in their own little world; their families; their friends, you know, they keep kind of a tight, do you say...(Donna:  Shield?)  No...not exactly a shield it is more of a group thing; a community of people that come together repeatedly and it sometimes does not expand to include other people.  So this is something that will, of course, expand with this specific purpose of you both.  The purpose to inform so you need more people to help you with this also to spread the messages; to inform others of what will occur and what is happening at the present moment.  We do feel that the energies in the world are becoming stronger and they do affect humankind in some physical ways, as well as, emotionally.  This can be kind of intense for some and they do not know what's going on or they think something is wrong; they do not understand and then there are others that do understand what is happening.  It is just a matter of the physical body kind of catching up with itself in relation to the energies that are present.  Do you understand this?  (Donna:  Yes, yes)  Okay.


We know that we all are at a higher level of being so our energies can be very strong and in the presence of humans can kind of be unsettling, you know,in their physicality or emotionally.  They may not be aware, but, in an emotional way pick up, on a subconscious level, what is happening; who is present; and the feelings of those that are present the human feels this, but, is kind of uncertain and not knowing why he or she may be feeling something so strongly.  It is not coming from them exactly it's because of the presence of those that are near them.  The individuals and the groups

are coming forward to those who they are drawn to.  Not all will resonate with the same individual or the same group.  It is a drawing, a coming together of importance.  This individual would understand more likely, maybe, than this individual over here.  There's a...being on the same page or having kind of the same mind set.  Like a scientist here would resonate better with this group and then someone who maybe is a mathematician or more creative person would resonate with a different group.  The Creator knows this.  The Creator has orchestrated this. 


So the feelings that one has may seem unusual and "I don't understand what's going on with me" they would say.  It's because of the energies; the higher level of energies that exist and are approaching those that they need to be with.  Some will be working with them and others will just have certain experiences.  Also, it's the awareness of the life forms; awareness of the human; where they are at; what they are thinking; what they believe.  This is all taken into consideration because they can...the groups can feel the human; can know the thoughts or the beliefs.  Sometimes they must back away

a little bit because of the intensity of what the human is feeling or thinking.  If it is intense, at times groups will back away and other times they will come forward.  It is all depending because the human is complex and creates a momentum in the thoughts; in the energy of the feelings that affects others.  Sometimes there's a need for others to be away from the human.  Do you understand this?  (Donna:  Yes) Okay. 


It can be so with a human experiencing another one who maybe in a rage.  It's like they want to back away or run away or something like that.  It's kind of the same thing almost, but, not quite.  Energies of the humans in various places are extremely intense and negative and there has been a surrounding of many groups, at a distance.  You may perceive in the sky.  In areas where there is extreme conflict, or extreme negativity, or hurt, they have become aware of pain, of the negativity.  They stay their distance, yet, are sending good thoughts or sending energy to those in particular areas where it is extremely negative and disturbing.  Also, for the Earth...allow the Earth to renew itself.  Many areas that have been destroyed or so disturbed that we have to affect the water or the Earth, the plants.  There are many of us who are very conscious of vegetation; or conscious of flowers; of the Earth and the movements of the Earth; and the water;

and those that live in the water and on land.  We are helping in that respect.  There are some that have particular functions that are mostly nature-related where others like ourselves particularly wanting to interact with humans and show humans better ways of thinking and being and how to take care of themselves and the Earth. 


So it's...we understand there has been, in your mind, kind of a feeling that things are just kind of slow in happening and not to be concerned about this.  There are times when you will be inspired or an idea will come to you which may come from many of us who are sending these thoughts to you to write down and to speak about.  This will be between the two of you or others and possibly in group presentations.  It is for all to benefit.  When you are able to utilize a method of communication it is more expansive and it targets a larger group of people.  It is to be bold in asking for help or asking

for this person's service.  You may want to explain why and that it is important to share information to the world.  In so may have a little spark of "Wow! This is intriguing or this is fascinating, could it be, is it possible that we are being visited here?".  People will think different thoughts and it is for the two of you, in some ways, to step out of your comfort zone to do these presentations and to speak to others individually or in groups regarding the existence of other realities.  We understand this is unusual, though it is not unusual for us, but, we understand it is unusual for

humans to speak about this.  We will give you every support that is needed and we will help to manipulate ways to communicate more or someone will get a notion to be helpful.  Sometimes it may happen indirectly where you don't even know this person, but, they know this other person whom you know and so on and so forth.   In some ways, like a point to point where you are drawing lines connecting to this person and that person and so on and so forth.  It begins to be a larger and a more expansive progression of ideas and service.  We do not want you to worry whether you are getting the word out quick enough or what else can we do for people to hear this.  You know the ideas will come. 


When this grand opening of spirit connection occurs this will be of great help to you because you can communicate with those in spirit who can give information as well and who will help you in magical ways, you would say, to do what it is you need to do or meet the right person.  It may happen spontaneously or it may happen where you know something is going to occur in a few weeks.  There will be others where you will be taken off guard and something occurs that is positive in a way of communicating to others why we are here and our purpose for being here.  It is important to relay to you that not all the responsibilities lie in your hands because we say there are people who can be of service and people who will generate to their capacity by sharing the information or by getting you in touch with someone else.  I mean it may happen magically.  We like to say that word.  (Donna:  We like it too.)  Or it will happen indirectly.  You do your part, you do what you can do and you relax and you receive more information that will be helpful to you at that time.  So it is not to worry or be so concerned that you feel this urgency or pressing nature to do something, to act.  We know you feel this.  Both of you are feeling this and feeling the urgency that you haven't done enough, or there is not enough people that know about this.  There are things that will occur in the next few months where you may be introduced to someone new or someone you have already met who you decide to talk to who can be of tremendous service to you.  They must realize the importance of this and must believe and know that this is happening.


As has been told to you before, there are many who need proof.  Their believing will be in seeing or experiencing or knowing that we are here.  There are many here.  They will feel the presence of others.  They will possibly see those in other forms.  We have said before to be open-minded, to be receptive to this, to be open to new experiences because these experiences are valuable and can benefit each person.  It can help to evolve each person, but, it is also dependent upon the willingness of that person and the acceptance of others who are from somewhere else and believing they can learn from others in other life forms.  People have all kinds of beliefs about aliens which we do not prefer to be called.  We know that there are many different labels for other life, but, we will say that we will correct those that may make certain statements that need to be clarified to that person about who we are, what world we come from, what we have to offer.  People classify or lump everybody in the same category or they have a category this one fits in or a category that one fits in. 


Basically, we are all one.  We are all in different forms and can offer much to humankind and in different ways.  Each is in a different form; different in thought; different in behavior.  So this is something that we have said to you before that there is a need to discern each group or individual that comes before you.  It will become easier for you to know who is here before you; to understand what is said or what needs to be done.  There has to be that element of trust in order for you to follow instruction or heed the guidance.  Do you understand this?  (Donna:  Yes)  Do you have a question in your mind about this?  (Donna:  No, I just must relay the fact, I know that you know this already, but, we are so deeply excited to be a part of this.  We are anxious for things to happen.  It's our human nature.  We are so terribly honored that we have been chosen to be a part of this.  It means everything to us to be able to help save mankind and the Earth because we treasure both so dearly.  I thank you for all your help that we are about to experience.)  We are grateful to have this opportunity to communicate and are quite available for communication and many who have not spoken yet and who wish to.  We have kind of taken charge in a sense of speaking more than some others, but, they are in understanding of why this occurs, but, they do want to have that opportunity to have their time in which they present themselves and present a little about their world or their function or purpose for being here.  You will be speaking to many as you

have spoken to a few already.  They will speak again.  They will have the



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