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  It is I, Samuel, am here tonight to speak to you, just for a short time because we know that you have physical needs that tell us that you are tired and that you want to end things as soon, as possible.
First of all, we have listened to you both and we welcome your ideas that you have come up with in regard to income, potential income.  We see that you are progressing nicely with your ideas of the website and your Facebook page.  We realize that you are both working on getting things out; getting the message out.  We welcome you to do this as much as possible and as soon as possible.

We feel that the momentum, the energy in the world is increasing.  It is not only increasing because of our presence, but, because of these light-workers who wish or hope or pray for positive activity in the world.  There has been much disruption we have seen on Earth; disturbance and much violence.  We wish to say, though, this is taking place there are some things that we can subdue, if you will.  We are trying to invoke a more pleasant attitude or mindful attitude; more of a positive, loving being. 

An attitude that is very important for the care of humans and for the care of the Earth. 
It seems that there is much that is going on that is of turmoil and we have been carefully watching these activities.  We say to you that we cannot interfere completely.  There are some things that we can do that will not be as intense an activity or disturbance.  Even though it may seem that it is.  It could be worse, in your words.  We are trying to subdue the behavior of some.  It is not easy.  It's not something that we are delegated to do.  There is important guidance for us to participate a little bit.  We really aren't guided to take over or to stop things
completely, but, we can on some levels, if we can reach that human in their mind is to give thoughts of being calm and being just and being caring of other people.  This is a difficult plane in some ways to use our abilities because the people are so emotional and on so many paths and have different attitudes and different passions.  It is difficult, at times, to reach that person, if you know what I mean.  A mind to mind thing in which we can communicate our thoughts which are of a positive nature to those who are in a negative state of being.
We'd like for you to, this coming Saturday when your Group meets, to focus on the energies being peaceful and calm throughout the world.  This should have some affect.  The more intense that your feelings are about peace when you are focusing the more affect that it will have on the beings that are in a disturbed state of mind.  It is not just those who are in a warring conflict it is also those who are argumentative or in a crisis state.  It may be the stress of their job or it maybe the stress of a relationship.  It is for those who are here on Earth that we wish for you to focus on.  It does not have to be someone in particular or a particular group.  It's just to send out that energy of peace and calm.  A feeling of being negotiable; meaning that the person is in a state to be reasoned with.  There are many that seem to be out of control here and we would like to have you focus on the world.   Not just a small community but the entire world of people.  Also, to send the energy of love to everyone.  This will help to kind of change their behavior a bit.  You may see this with people or you may hear it on the tv, on the news, about things quieting down.  Things not being so negative or violent.  There's a lot this Group can do and when all are focused on one thing it is immense.  One can focus, but, when you have a group it is more intense and more of an affect on others.
You have spoken about an event this January 15th. (reference to the conversation between Donna and I - no day was given in exerpt regarding January event previously)  An event that is not to be destructive.  It is a constructive event.  It is an event that you have spoken about before and we have spoken about before is the opening.  It is an opening for those that are at a level in which they can feel what the energies...this's like watching the clouds opening up and revealing the sunlight.  It is a gradual opening, but, it is an opening in which people will be aware and we believe this to take place on the 15th also to carryover through to the 20th.  

During these 5 days it is a time for both of you (Donna and I) to connect to the Divine.  To be energized and during your meditations, which we encourage you to do at that particular time, where you focus on that connection with the Divine and with others in other life forms.  We feel this to be a great potential for those who are welcoming help and desiring for there to be peace and for there to be intervention; for there to be less suffering.  All these are prayers from many who are becoming aware and awakening to their own spirituality; to that divine part of themselves.  They are wanting to connect with those of a higher level.  This is taking place very, very, soon.  It is a time where during your meditations you can feel the energy and you can feel the shift within yourself; a difference.  This is more noticeably during meditation because that's when you have chosen to connect with the Divine.  It is most powerful at that time.  So we wish for you to say this to the Group  because the Group is meeting very soon.


We say to the Group to meditate more often; to make the connection and to see and to write down or keep track of what you are experiencing.  The experiences will be many and more importantly that which is of the Divine nature; of the greatest potential of the human is to connect with the Divine.  The Creator is responding.  This should be taking place from the 15th to the 20th.  If you become aware or sensitive to the energies please write what you are experiencing or even if it is minute please write down what you experience; what you may see; what you may feel; those kinds of things.


We feel that the majority of this night we would like for both of you to do meditation.  To meditate on the love that is here.  That the love is being given to all.  It is a great event that is taking place as you know with other light beings coming here for specific purposes.  This is the greatest of events.  The event is that of great love and so there is so much that will be felt and much that will be seen from others.  It has the greatest potential to elevate all those who are seeking truth and seeking the divine connection or the spirit connection or connection with loved ones.  It is, also, the opportune time to communicate with those of us who are here and who wish to communicate as well.  So there is much that can be done during these few days and much that will be given.


We feel that there is a need to communicate to those in your Group to start the meditation immediately.  It is a time period in which you can be more effective individually and as a group.  The potential there is great so if you would inform the others that want to meditate each night or during the day - it does not matter.  To meditate each date.  It seems to be very important that you do this and that all of you are focusing on the wellbeing of humans and the wellbeing of the Earth.  Focus on that and later on focus on peace and love.


We know at points that there are doubts.  We are wanting to say to you both that it is not to be doubtful but have faith in the Creator and what is being done for humankind and for the Earth.  It is a grand gesture and welcoming event; that we who are participating; welcome the communication.  We welcome the participation in your lives and we have much to share. We look forward to the occurrence in which we are able to reveal ourselves and to communicate with those who we are to communicate with.


In the interim, we would like for both of you to be aware of what you take into your body.  To be more conscious of healthful food and drink and this is to help you to become lighter in some ways.  To show that you care more for your bodies and more for your minds, your mental wellbeing, as well as, your emotional wellbeing.  So it is to take care of yourselves more than you have been.  It is important to decrease any negative thinking.  It is to keep on that path of positive thinking and knowing that the Earth an mankind is having help.  It is true.  It is time.  It is real.  Our communication is real.  What we say to you is of honesty and truth and a state of love. 


We have indeed felt that there are some who are not thinking about other life forms here.  We, in fact, will show ourselves and communicate more with those that we can communicate with.  It is why we have chosen the two of you because it is easier for us to communicate with the two of you.  There are some who communicate with just one source.  This channel likes the variety and different perspectives so it is easier for the various groups to communicate at this time and at other times.    We do welcome this and hope that others can be at that same level of communication.  As we come forward and present ourselves to everyone we will help to elevate the energy level of those in our presence.  It will be noticeable what you are capable of doing.  You will see as you are going along in your life that you are capable of doing more.   You can see, you can sense, you can know certain things.  We, also, will give you information that is necessary to share and necessary for the both of you to increase your vibrational level and to be able to showcase your abilities.  This will allow for others to see this and for others to become aware that, you know, something is happening here.  This person is different or this person seems to exhibit more than what they have beforeDo you understand what I'msaying?  (Donna:  Yes, absolutely and thank you for that.  We are so excited.)  It is the greatest of opportunities, the greatest of love for humankind and Earth.  We look forward to helping everyone and this planet because there is so much that needs to be corrected; to be nurtured; repaired, so to speak.  There needs to be great care.  We would like to show others and tell others; reveal to others one can progress in their abilities and progress in the care of humans and the Earth.  It is that which will be acknowledged as a great thing.  For most people, it will be acknowledged that we are here to do a great thing for humans and the Earth.  People will see this.  Even those who will look with disdain or not believing in this.  Some will think they are hallucinating.  It is not so.  Some will be hesitant to share because people do react that way here to something unusual or something that someone else does not see or feel or know you will find people that will react this way.  This is why you have been chosen.  This is for you both to share and for others to share that the world is not what they think it is; that other life does exist.  Other life is different as we have said.  Different in thinking and in appearance and their worlds are different.  When other people start talking more about what they are experiencing which means experiencing us or experiencing some connection or knowing.  This will become more and more talked about and hopefully less fearful, less of doubting.  There is a lot one has to work against and that is what people are believing.  We are quite hopeful in making changes here and helping everyone to make changes for the better. 

We, in our group, feel that much is happening and much will be happening in the next few months.  There will be more awareness of changes in the feelings and the energy of the environment.  People will notice things that are different.  There will be opportunity for those who are at that level to communicate with others.  Also, to see and to experience, what you would consider unusual experiences.  It is for you both to welcome this and to enjoy what is happening and do not worry about restrictions as you have said.  We do not want you to feel that your freedoms are imposed upon.  We will share things that will better the environment, also, advance the technology with the transportation or ways of transporting yourselves to another area where you do not have to use a car or bus or whatever.  All these things...things that maybe you have not thought of or imagined are great possibilities.  It is for those who believe they are more than the human body and more than how they've been thinking.  This helps to elevate those around the people who think this way.  Do you see... do you see that the presence of one who is already elevated affects another?  (Donna:  Yes)


You may or may not have experienced this.  When someone is of a stronger energy; an advanced being that has a strong being; energy; it does affect the person that is in the environment and it is not that it goes away.  The affects stay with that person.  Do you see:  (Donna:  Yes)  Okay, so when that occurs the energy of the person and it continues as the more one is exposed to those energies and more that one is thinking more positive, loving, caring, and desiring to be more than who they thought they were.  As time goes along so much will be revealed that it cannot not change a person even though some will be resistant there are changes that will be noticed, but, not necessarily accepted.  We again stress that we do not want to instill fear in any way.  That our coming here and being here for quite awhile is for one to know we are here to help.  We do no harm and we do not wish to take over.  We are at a level in which we value freedom.  We do not, in some ways, condone, that is a word that we do not normally use, but, in your vocabulary there is the word "condoning", beings taking over.  It is not any of us who are here and who are coming here.  We are not at that level.  There are some beings that have used their power in negative ways.  It has been used here on the Earth plane.  The more that we are here in a positive nature and loving nature the more affect that it has on those here and it also will affect some of those in a negative state.  Also, they will not be interfering.  They cannot interfere.  They are trying, but, they will not prevail.  


We would like for you to share some of these things with people and to let them know that everything is fine and everything is in order.  A Divine plan in which those who are on a lower level will not proceed with these activities here.  They will not be allowed to.  This is of great importance to those who are aware of darker forces or who have experienced those of the darker nature that much of these will cease to exist.  So we would like for you at times to tell others and to help those feel more secure and calm.  We realize that things are happening quickly and you are feeling that you are at a loss as to possibly what to do and how to get the word out more and more.  We are helping in that way.  As we have said before, it is not totally on your shoulders.  It's not just you and Debra and whoever working to get the word out or share the information.  We are helping as well as trying to make it easier for things to progress and for people to become aware.  It is for you to do your part whatever that may be and we are here to do our part. 


We are delighted to be able to communicate.  As we said before, there are many who wish to communicate and give input.  So at this time we would like to end this session.  We say that we have high regard for the both of you and have great love for you and all those who are here and we have great love for the Earth.  We will end this communication at this time and we will again talk with you.  (Donna:  I just wanted to express our love for all beings of the Creator.  Without your help I can't imagine any kind of survival at all.  It means a lot to us, very deeply, for you to be coming here to help us.)  We have great compassion for those here and those who are coming and those that are here also do.  Great love and compassion  It is our honor to be able to provide information and teachings and more advanced technology and advanced state of being.  We honor our role in this.  We all have respect and honor of the Creator and what the Creator has decided.  We will inform you in other sessions what is taking place and what will be or could be taking place.  We have great capacity of feeling for this grand opportunity to be with humankind; for humankind to acknowledge us and to be with us.  We are your brothers and sisters and we are of love, of the state of love.  We do not wish to see this world destroyed as you do not.  We do not wish for humankind to not exist nor the Earth to not exist.  It is why we are all here.  It is a great Divine plan of love and it is for everyone and with that we will end at this time.  Bless you and love to you both.  (Donna:  Thank you so much and bless you and love to you all.)



Samuel, et al




Copyright 2015





























Channeled Message from Samuel on 1-13-15 through Debra A. Charveron with Donna Kirby present

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