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Channeled Message from Samuel on 5/8/14 through

Debra A. Charveron
In the beginning there were magnificent beings who created the earth
with all its beauty and mystery.  The world was different then and untainted
by humans.  It was a massive undertaking with immense creativity.  These
beings who remain unknown to you wanted to create a utopia, a place of peace,
of purity, and of magnificence beyond any creation.  These beings are your
ancestral connection.  They are relative to you and you are relative to them.
They are the reason for your being here.  Meaning they created the human form.
It is through them that the divine creator formulated the structure and complexity
of the human form.  It was the way the creator could experience the many aspects
of the human being in order to know the physicality; the emotions; the mental
capacities; the evolvement; the choices this form could make; and the creative nature.
The form was to be all encompassing.  A diamond in the rough! 
Your planet had many " visitors" before humankind was created.  Curious ones,
ones who had impact on the earth, ones who left their marks which have yet to be
discovered.  The ingenuity and the remarkable creation of the human form became,
for many entities, one of observation and fascination.  Humans intrigued those from
other places in the universe and dimensions and still exists to this day.
It is quite special to be in human form, but, many have desecrated this sacred form.
They have defiled and disrespected the embodiment of this magnificent temple of
being.  There are subtle and dramatic occurrences that have damaged the human
physicality; the psyche; and that which has stifled the growth and awareness of the
consciousness of being; of the divine. 
There are so many of you that are not aware of your divinity and those who have
disgraced the essence of being human, as well as, not taking care of the earth.
We inform you of this in order for you to acknowledge this and change the course
of destructive forces into positive ones.  Many on your planet are caring for
humankind and for the earth, but, there needs to be more participation to rectify
the many problematic situations in your world.  There is distortion in values and
beliefs which create numerous conflicts.  Unity can never be until one knows that
love of self and others is the key.  This is a state of being in which only a positive
force can prevail.  Do you know what love is?  Have you experienced being loved or
being an example of love?  Your divine being is of love! 
The notion that you are not connected with others continues the separation,
judgment, and conflicts.  We are here to enlighten you and give you knowledge
and more so that you recognize that changes need to occur within and for your
planet.  We are here to help, though, you can accept this or not.  It is with our
best intentions to have you become aware of yourselves and the conditions of
your world and planet.  Changes are needed and in positive ways.  We are all
here to help you with these things.  We are different in form,yet, we are of the
same source.  We encourage you to be open,; to be reflective; to be aware of
your nobility; to be aware of the choices you make and be responsible for these;
and be cognizant of the fact that your true essence is that of a spiritual being of
love.  This is who you are, but, you must know this to your core.  You must elevate
yourselves; become conscious of the true reality of yourselves and not the illusions
that have captivated you and controlled your state of being.  Your reality is not of
this world; this earth.  You are here for various reasons; for moments; for experiences;
but not to be fully entrenched in this journey of the earth realm; of the human form.
It's acceptable to change your minds; your beliefs; your notions of this reality.  There
are many teachings that are controlling in nature and stifles the human or instills fear.
You are not this human form.  It is to be used to experience this realm.  You must
recognize the negative aspects of teachings and experiences.  How have they molded
you?  You have the power to be different; think differently; learn the truths that will free
you of your captivity, for all are in captivity of the mind, if not, physically.  The true
essence of you is free, is joyful, is a positive, loving, divine being.  You shall know the
truths!  These will resonate within, but, for some they will  not acknowledge this nor
accept this.  This is not to be considered unfortunate, for all souls have their own
journey and paths to discover their true selves.
At this point, we will end our communication.  Thank you to the channel who has the
willingness to communicate and to be receptive to our telepathic communication.
We are eternally grateful to have this opportunity to share with you.
You are blessed and loved,

Samuel, et al



Copyright 2014

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