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Channeled Message from Samuel through Debra A. Charveron on 4/8/14



Tonight we will start with the promise of communicating information that is needed.

In order to do that, we would like the channel to be aware that this is an ongoing

process as long as the channel is willing.  We do not operate on a need to know basis.

We are quite willing to give information to whoever will listen.  We know the channel

is willing to participate.  She is more apt to receive our information.  We are most

grateful to have her as a receptor.


There are many things we would like to talk about.  Tonight we would like for all to

listen as we bring forth new information.  There is much activity in the world and each

community of entities have their purposes.  It is not haphazard nor random but specific.

These are very kind and loving individuals.  There is a divine plan that coordinates

these individuals to appear in your world; to accomplish their purpose for being here.

They are most generous in giving guidance and help in areas that's needed.  They are

helping those that cannot help themselves.  These are the children of this world.  There

are many children without guidance from parents or family members.  We are here to

help them and appear to them in order for them to feel safe, loved, and protected.  Our

love pours out to them.  Many will survive to adulthood and accomplish their missions here.  

Others will not, but, we will be with them till their journey here ends.  


It is in our awareness that children are most gifted and it is their purpose to share what is

within them.  They have brought knowledge which is most helpful to humans.  They have

awareness of spirits or other entities around them and communicate with them.  Some

children allow for humans to be compassionate and loving.  Many are allowing for humans

to show their love and care for them.  There is purpose in what all of you experience. Children

are very good at teaching others to be compassionate, kind, loving, and creative. Though some

can be little tyrants - they also teach.  


Everyone is an example of the truth within the soul.  One learns and one teaches. Therefore,

it is for all to be aware and less self-absorbed or caught up in this world for it is not your true

reality.  Allow yourself to awaken to truths; to acknowledge the existence of other beings; to

awaken spiritually; and not close yourselves off to new experiences. Respond positively - do

not fear.  Fear can cause you to run away or shut down or discount your experiences.  What

you experience helps you evolve.  Let go of that which has hurt you.  Let go of that which has

angered you.  Let go of the past as you are in one present moment after another.  Be careful

of your thoughts and do not go back to those memories of sadness, pain, struggle, etc..  

Be aware of the new day!  A new beginning at each moment!


Live and let live,

Samuel and all





Copyright 2014

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