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Channeled Message from Ishmael through Debra A. Charveron on June 24, 2016


We are here tonight to say we wish for you to continue the channeled messages.  We know there has

been hardship and health reasons among other things which has caused you to cease your work.  You

must remember there is more to this story which will be revealed to you in steps.  We understand the delay, but, soon you must start again.  It is not only for your sake, but, for the sake of others who will behoove these messages.  Listen well and start this practice again.  Not only will it improve your mood, but, it will emphasize the need for others to read these words.  You will be of benefit as will others.  You need not be concerned about the reaction of others, just be concerned about the written word.  It is from the heart, so to speak.  It is from the love of others whose majesty encompasses all; whose love fills the heart of those who are soulless.  We mean those who live in darkness and who abide in the abyss of hell on Earth.  It is not to be dwelled in, for all are light.  These words will acknowledge all who wish to better themselves, improve their spirit, to become better human beings, to not disparage, to not give up on the human potential.  These remarks will potentiate the individual in remarkable ways. 


We, respectfully, encourage you to continue with these channeled sessions.  These will be encouraging to those who read these messages. All will learn what is meant for them to learn.  Words are powerful, whether written or spoke.  These messages will entail instructions and information helpful to mankind.  They will be utilized in the best efforts of those who resonate with them.  You of all people understand this.  We have spoken before that it takes understanding and compassion in order to facilitate healing.  Also, to acknowledge that the soul is precarious in its experiences on Earth.  There is much the soul requires and desires to learn.  Sometimes that means healing is delayed or not wanted.  This is a frustration to many who, on a conscious level, desire healing to take place.  Actually, those who do experience this, teach others, show those that there is a kindness in the world; grace exists.  The levels of existence are so varied and the blissfulness of these worlds exist so the

soul can benefit from the love that is so pronounced in these worlds. 


Your world is harsh, unjust, and negative in many ways, though, at the same time, the positive actions of those who are kind and loving exist here as well.  It is for you to know that in the future, days will be much better and the anguish you feel will dissipate.  It is a hard life.  Many have succumbed to the harshness existing on your planet.  Many have survived hardships and difficulties beyond the norm.  It reveals the strength of character.  It reveals the power of the soul.  The soul who is immortal and so much more than can be expressed in words.  It is an understanding that's beyond the human's capability.  It is when one leaves the body that one resumes the essence of being.  In practical terms, one knows oneself and the multitude of abilities one has and that the power of self is known to self.  We intend to enlighten those who tend to be drawn to the words given or spoken. The wisdom of the ages; the wisdom of the soul.  We are here to engage you and those willing to communicate.  It is necessary

in order to have more understanding to learn more, to utilize what is given and to change oneself when truths are revealed.  There should be no hesitation.  The desire to know more is deep within.  Especially, those who are spiritually-minded.  One cannot help but seek the truth.  Answers to compelling questions, to know more of the universe and the existence of others, other dimensions,

other life forms, other ways of doing things, of accomplishing, of creating. 


Rejoice in the fact that you have been given the opportunity to communicate with us and others.  We all will give a lot of information for those to utilize and benefit from our teachings.  Do not be concerned what others may say or do.  Their path differs from yours.  Your journey is one that occupies a zone of freedom, in that, truths are revealed to you, as you had desired to know.  This has been granted to you. You occupy an unusual position in the sense that you are in some ways, chosen to be a conduit of information.  A go-between your world and ours.  How wonderful is that!  So knowing this, it is a gift of responsibility that no other can fill.  Each is chosen for specific paths.  Each will strive to achieve their goals.  Sometimes there is struggle, but, in the struggle comes strength and longing to fulfill this path.  And so you know.  Some do not accomplish this, given the best circumstances because it is how the human deals with obstacles, burdens, few opportunities, or money.  The soul guides, but, the human chooses what to do, what roads to take, what to avoid.  Also, the fact, there are innate fears that one may not face, therefore, not accomplishing as much as desired.  This is why many return to the Earth plane so that their mission is accomplished.  Not always being successful in one life time.  Sometimes taking several life times to achieve the soul's goals.  It is, therefore, a grace of the immortal soul to

have opportunities here or other places in order to experience and to have the inevitable opportunity to accomplish what it needs to.   So in knowing this, one can be patient with self to know that whether in one life one will achieve one's desires or in the next or next.  We are all eternal and our experiences varied and which make up a unique soul.  Each soul has a different path, a unique one, which only that soul can fulfill. Though, may be similar, they are still unique. 


So with this we will depart for now.  We are glad to have the opportunity to speak to you again.  We will again soon.  Others will too as we know your desire to resume these communications.  Many wish to speak and know that sometimes these opportunities are not available.  We know you want to continue with this work to reveal to others truths, advancements, more opportunities, and information that is of benefit.  It is, also, the time period in which we will reveal ourselves to others in more prominent ways.  Look forward to this!


With love and gratitude,



Copyright 2016                                                                                    

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