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Channeled Message from Samuel through Debra A. Charveron on1-21-14
Dear Loved Ones, I have important news for you.  The more you
open your heart to the unusual activity the more your world expands.

Your consciousness raises and miracles happen.


Although, many of you remain rigid in your beliefs and teachings,

it is those who are open minded and willing to change who will

make a marked difference in your world.  It is with the understanding

that change is constant and to remain in old ways of thinking and

patterns constitutes the limitation one experiences. 


It is important to remember that your truest being is that of one who is

multi-faceted and multi-dimensional.  The freedom that you think you

are experiencing here does not compare to that of your truest reality.

You all have experienced different lives in many forms  It is the soul's

desire to explore and experience.  Souls have always been curious of

what their experiences would be if they incarnated on Earth.  The

Earth is unique and beautiful and souls are quite fascinated with

humankind and their creativity.  Souls know that growth is necessary

and that the experiences of being in human form is very beneficial.

Unlike some counterparts the growth is limited. 


In the realm of your Earth, souls contemplate the many experiences

they could have and it is the souls'  decision to allow themselves the

opportunity to incarnate and explore all aspects of the human form. 

Also, allows for the creative aspects of the soul to thrive.  The

physicality of the human form; the emotional and mental capacities;

and the creative potential draws many souls to Earth.  Many return

again and again.  Others seek variety and will take on different forms

to explore that which is unique to that specific world.


We implore you to assess your lives and make changes that will help

you better understand yourself; to expand your minds; and to be

open to the possibilities of your imagination.  As creative beings you

have endless possibilities and potential.  You stop your wondrous

abilities because you many not believe in your capabilities; or

because someone says you can't; or you may see no opportunity

to express yourself or fulfill desires.  We are here to tell you you can.

Use your imagination, step out of fear, dare to be brave and take risks.

You can change what you think.  You can break free from your

limitations.  Know that you can do this.  Even if your journey is one

you go alone on, know that it is the right path.  Be true to yourself -

be who you are - you are more than what you may think.  You are

incredible spiritual beings and you will awaken to this knowing.


It is with love that we, as one, have spoken.  I, Samuel, leave you

with these words.  It is with love and gratitude to have this

opportunity to speak again.  It is with love that we honor mankind

with all the multi-faceted aspects.  It is with due respect to all souls

who incarnate here with all the difficulties and complications that

they endure here.  We are here to help you.  It is with love and

guidance to influence change within yourselves.  It is your choice.


With love to all,






 Copyright 2014

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