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Channeled Messages from Samuel, Prudence, and Trojan through Debra A. Charveron

With Donna Kirby Present On 2-19-15.


It is I, Samuel, who will speak tonight.  We have heard you mention a variety of things to speak about at the upcoming paranormal group.  We want to say to you that there is that possibility of it not occurring this Saturday because of your weather here.  Then again we may make it possible for you to have this group to speak for because we may have an affect on the weather.  So it can go either way.  It's a matter of adjusting the reality that you exist in.  Do you understand what I am saying?  (Donna:  Absolutely.) 


It is important to say this to you both, that we have been listening to you as you speak about certain things, such as, the existence of others; other civilizations and other concerns regarding this world; the momentum of the path that you are on and the hopes and desires for things to happen quickly.  We have to interject here and say to you that it is a divine plan in which it has its own timing, if you will, because you have a sense of time here.  We speak of timing only because it does have its importance here.  It is a plan in which it unfolds as it needs to unfold and for those who you wish to speak to or who you do communicate with.  It takes some time to have those come forward to speak to you both, as well as, for a vibrational frequency of yourselves to reach that level in which you can see and hear who you are speaking to and experience other things.  We do encourage you both to meditate more consistently and to write down your experiences should you have some that seem interesting to share or relevant in your lives.


First and foremost, we'd like to say that we praise you for continuing to progress on this path; to welcome us; to desire to see us; and to share your experiences.  Also, to let others know that we are here, we are communicating and desire to communicate with others.  This week we would like for you to say at your group meetings, specifically, the paranormal groups or groups that are interested in what you both have to say about the light beings; that you acknowledge that you are communicating and you are aware of the different entities.  At some point in time, you will be able to distinguish between all of us.  It will take some time, but, you will be able to do this.  So when you are able to see or communicate with others you will know about them.  You will know what they look like or what their world is like.  You will know more about them so there is a rapport that you have other than all of us saying something to you, we have a relationship. That's important to us because you as humans are very sociable and interact with each other and have friendships.  This is how we want to be perceived and this is how we want to interact with humankind.  It is so that you get use to us and people get use to our appearance and our way of being; to interact with us, not be afraid and walk away when they see us. We will, eventually, reveal ourselves to many in the world.  It's important that the reaction is not one of fear.  As we have said before and often is that we want to ease into people's lives and not create a panic.


We have for you at this time someone who would like to speak.  It is a female energy.  Her name is Prudence and so we will allow her to speak at this time and we will later talk with you this evening.



Hello, I am Prudence and I am sooooo happy to be here, to welcome you and to extend a hand, so to speak, to you for your divine presence and for your willingness to communicate with us.  We all are in, how would you say, we have great feelings of expectation and excitement to be able to communicate.  There are many of us that do want to communicate with the two of you and we are grateful for the opportunity when we can do so.  I am very excited to be here and I look forward to my participation in communicating and in allowing for experiences to occur between the two of you, or individually, and in groups of people.  I do like humans.  They are very interesting to me.  Fascinating creatures.  Where I come from we do have a sociable environment.  We do look different from your species, but, we share some things that are alike in ways.  So it makes it a little easier for my people to interact with humans because there will be a camaraderie, more of comfortableness with my people because of the similarities.  It will make it easier for humans to communicate with us, see us and be with us.


It may be a little difficult for humans to be with others.  It is a matter of adjusting and being willing to adjust to somebody who is different.  It is like you would adjust to someone who is from another country who doesn't speak the language, or presents music or fashion or beliefs to someone who is very different in their belief system.  If you kind of look at it that way it makes it a little easier to be with that being.  It's just an adjustment.  It's just being open, accepting and welcoming.  It is what we prefer humans to be and to acknowledge us.  There are so many of us that exist that humans are not aware of.  It is the prime opportunity to present ourselves to individuals; present ourselves to groups of beings here.  I look forward to this greatly. 


My people have come a long way.  We've been here before and we have attempted to communicate with some.  There are many who do not sense us.  Do not sense our presence.  There is a belief system or an unwillingness to go beyond their own little world, so to speak, their own environment. This is what we would like to change.  Many of us would, other groups, as well, would like for people to be more open in their thinking. There are many closed-minded people here which I find interesting, as well.  At the same time, we do want to be acknowledged for our existence.  So we are all prepared to participate in this divine plan that has been implemented.  We have guidance, as well as, you have guidance.  We have much to do.  We are all willing to do this.  We have love for the Creator and love for all existence. All those in all dimensions, realities and worlds.  There is so much that you do not know, that you wish to know, you would like to know. There is so much that you cannot fathom because the human was constructed in a way that is very limiting.   So the experiences that the human have experienced have been limiting, as far as, other civilizations that have been here before and lived here.  There have been cultures that have been aware of other beings.  Have actually lived among some of those beings.  There was an interaction.  This has been a long time ago.  There is evidence as you have become aware that shows you that others have been here before.


Do you have a question for me?  (Donna:  At this point, I have a comment.  Debra and I both share that excitement and exhilaration that you bring to the table, so to speak.  We are anticipating great things.  We are anticipating learning so much.  For you to share with us your desire to do that as well, means a lot to us.  I thank you so very much.  We both thank you so much for that. I guess internally, I was just thinking about a show we were watching earlier, you know, about Cyclops.  Did they actually walk the Earth?  Were there giants that walked the Earth?  These are, you know, these were a couple of questions that if there is any information like that you could share with us that would be great.  Even beyond what I asked we would appreciate that.  Thank you.)  There are beings of all sizes and appearances. Yes, there have been many who have been here, who have visited, who have created objects or things that your scientists have discovered or your archeologists have discovered.  There are things that...there has been the evidence remaining here of the existence of others.   This is for a purpose.  This is for the purpose for humans to know that we do exist.  You are not the only ones here.  So many of humans believe this. There is so much to teach because there is incorrect thinking here, incorrect beliefs.  So we want to reveal these things to all of you.  There is great purpose in knowing the truth and being aware.  We do want to share this with you. 


It's just having that...I don't want to say opportunity again, but, that's the only word I can think of at this time.  Is the opportunity to have that experience with the human and the human being aware of us.  There are some that have abilities and connections in the world, but, we want more and more.  We would like the entire world to know these things and to be accepting of what we will teach or what we will show you or what is easier or what is difficult in your mind.  So many things, so many subjects.  We come here with great enthusiasm.  Especially, my people, I would say, are very enthusiastic about being here; being granted that opportunity again.  Granted that opportunity to participate in something that is so monumental; huge in this world.  We have great capacities. All of us have something to share and something to give to your world that is valuable.  That is why all are being summoned and guided to come here to reveal what they know.  Each is a little different and some are similar, but, it does not matter because we are teaching all over the world and showing people this is our intention to do this, that it takes many of us to accomplish this.  So it's not just one group, it's not 10 groups, it's many many different beings who are drawn here, who are guided here, and who serve a great purpose.  Again we say it is of love and you may be tired of hearing that.  (Donna: No)  Because, you know, we are aware that there's been others who have said that it's out of love and desire to help the Earth and humankind.  So it is, it is truthful.  We are being honest.


I have come here with a group of my people.  We are somewhat of all small group right now, but, it will enlarge.  There are more that are coming.  We, specifically, are ones that are greatly interested in the contact with humans.  In making that effort to make contact.  To see our opportunity to have you acknowledge us, have you see us, have you hear us.  We, sometimes, go ahead of the remainder of the group to kind of scout areas in which we see that we can make contact with individuals who are very open-minded.  We are here, specifically, because we know others who exist.  We see the light.  There is grand grand light in this area.


When the two of you are together it is like a beacon and we become aware of this and are drawn to the light.  We see that others are here, as well, to enjoy this communication and to learn from the two of you as individuals. To hopefully, maximize this in that there will be groups and masses of people here that will understand us and communicate with us and be open to our interaction.  It is not only that my people want this, it is the desire of the groups that are here and the other groups that are in different areas of the world, to have that communication or experience with the humankind.  There is an enormous wanting to share.  Wanting to share ourselves.  Not just with my group, it is with much of the other groups, as well.  They desire and wish to have this kind of unifying experience with humans.  Eventually, it will be an intergalactic center, if you will, of those beings coming and going and it becoming, what you would call, international airport.  Though, it will be slightly different.


Do you wish to speak on a matter?  Do you have a question?  I'm sensing that you...there's something on your mind. (Donna:  Well, I know...I'm just so completely happy and grateful for your presence and the opportunity to speak with you and with others is equally exciting for us and exhilarating.  We just have to share that we are a bit anxious as we were speaking to Samuel about that and rightfully so.  Again, how we are, we want to know more yesterday, so to speak.  I don't have a question.  Really, we are both so tremendously happy to have you and others for this fantastic meeting.)  Thank you, thank you very much.  (Donna: You're so welcome.)   We understand your enthusiasm and excitement because we feel it as well.  We too, have the same desires, so you know, makes us similar.  Do you understand?  (Donna:  Yes)  We do feel grateful to be able to do this.  It's been such a long time that to be able to do this just brings up more excitement and adventure.  It will be an adventure for the two of you and for other people.  It will be an exciting adventure. 


We want beings here to know we are friendly.  We are loving and positive and we have a great many traits to show you so you know we are not negative or here for an impure motive.  We are...we know that humans, understandably, will have mixed feelings or doubts or fear.  We understand that, but, it is not necessary to feel that.  We do know others exist that are not exactly on the same plane or level of being that you would trust or you would would probably feel a sense of "ewww", you know, (Donna: Yes) negative vibes or you know, you don't want to be around that being.  We are not like that and you will feel this as we present ourselves more to people.  They will recognize this.  They will see this. They will be more accepting of us because we are on a higher level of existence and what we have to offer is beneficial.  People will see this.  People will recognize this.  I think it will turn people's heads around...not in the physical sense (Donna: Right), but, in their belief system.  This is really the utmost...grandest time that we as a whole are able to participate in this event.  An event of great measure, of great love. 


We see this world and what is happening here and it is to prevent the destruction of the Earth and the self-destruction of the people.  It is not meant to be wiped out.  It is meant for humans to take a detour. To go in a different direction that is more positive and more loving because that's who we all really are.  We're beings of love.  This is what needs to be integrated in humans more and in humans that don't even feel love, do not feel even like for themselves or others.  There's, you know, the hatred that exists. is our guidance to show people our love. To be an example for those that have not felt that, who may have felt...or had a negative environment.  All this can change with people just shifting.  It shifts to a different reality.  It is very difficult to explain, but, It is as if you have stepped into another world.  Your own world would seem similar, seems very much alike, but, there are differences.  They may be very subtle that one does not recognize what they are, but, there has been a shift in the human being so that the being goes into a more positive loving direction.  A state of escalation, as far as, abilities and awareness.  Awareness of truths, of much that is advanced.  Really knowing...remembering who they are...the soul.  The soul is multi-faceted beyond your imagination.  The soul is a beautiful being.  So the soul inhabits different forms for different experiences, as you are aware.  You may not be aware of what kind of experiences because you can only really relate to what is happening here in your own lives.  It can be extremely different in another world, another dimension, another form. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.  (Donna:  Yes)  


We hope that...all of us here are hoping that you enjoy the ride, as you say.  (Donna:  Absolutely, yes.)  That you feel the excitement from us, you feel our energy.  We emit energy so that you feel it, so that you sense us.  It will only get stronger to the point to where you are seeing who you communicate with.  When you see us you will be able to distinguish much better who we are, you know, our different groups.  (Donna:  Would you like to step closer?)  We are pretty close right now.  This body feels it.  Certainly, you must be feeling energy.  (Donna:  Yes)  Actually, Debra is feeling kind of closed in because we are here on both sides of her.  There are other groups here too who are listening. 


There is another who would like to speak.  I'm so grateful to have spoken to you both and I'm sure we'll be speaking to each other again.  I would like to have this other being communicate with you at this time.  (Donna: Thank you again so very much.  We really appreciate it.)  Thank you and our love to you.  (Donna:  Love to you.)



It is, I, Trojan, the warrior.  As I have shown Debra who I am; what I look like; and very similar, very much like the humans; very strong... I want to say that my purpose is to protect.  I thought I have said this before that I am here to protect and to guard you from specific incidents that may occur.  This is for you to know that this is true in that we here, a lot of us here are protective.  Protective of the right to speak and the right to be and the right to perform what is necessary.  I just want to tell you that I'm here and there are others like me that are here that are, in some ways, guarding.  At a distance, we are guarding.  You need not know what that means exactly, but, there are entities that would not like for this to occur. So our particular position in this occurrence is to shield communication from those that may have a negative or disturbing sense about them.  So you would understand that you are being prevented from experiencing some of those things that could occur if the protection wasn't there.  So we want you to know, emphatically, that I and others are here to shield you both., shield family or friends, and the group that we are aware of, from things that may not sit well with you or anyone else.  I just wanted to say that and I will depart at this time.  (Donna:  I would like to say that we are extremely grateful for you to do that for us.  It means a lot to us and thank you so very much.)  You are quite welcome.  We have a great honor amongst us and feel dutiful and respectful of the situation.  We have great respect for what is occurring here.  We are all desiring for what you are needing to do to accomplish.  We are doing our best to shield you all from anything that may disturb that, that may prevent that from happening.  So it is with our honor that we do this.  (Donna:  Thank you thank you so very much.)



It s I, Samuel, again.  I want to say to both of you that it is a purposeful path that you are on.  You will see this more and more as you experience more.  We realize that your...well we acknowledge your excitement about it and enthusiasm to progress.  It is not like it is not progressing.  It is progressing in ways that you are not aware of.  As I said before there is a timing to all of this.  Things will happen and you will recognize this.  You will understand more, you will know more.  All these things are being told to you, beforehand, so that you know that you are being prepared. 


You are in training, so to speak, to do more, and be more and exhibit abilities that others may not have, at that time, when you do this.  That's why I was encourage you to meditate and tell others to meditate. It is very powerful your divine connection.  I feel at this time that we should end this as the physical body is breaking down a little bit. So we feel that we should connect at another time.  We wish you both the greatest of care and love and to allow for you to process what has been told you; to let it sink in and to remember. We realize that the body has its moments of not remembering.  It is why we say some things over and over so that it sticks in your mind.  (Donna:  Right)  That is all we are doing.  We are not really wanting to be repetitive, but, we realize that the human form can forget things. (Donna:  Right. Correct.)  That is why we are sometimes repeating the same words.  It will change. Things will get better.  Your physical being will be better.  Your mental and emotional being, your spiritual being, all these things will be taken care of.  This is something to look forward to and to dwell upon in your meditations, as well.  So with that we will depart.  Thank you again for this communication.  (Donna:  We are immensely grateful for all that you have done for us; for all of the groups willing to do for us and with us and for us.  We will always be eternally grateful.  That is very near and dear to our hearts.  We are returning love to you as well.)  Thank you.  (Donna: You are welcome.) 






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