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 Channeled Message from Samuel 6/21/14 through Debra A. Charveron 
We begin by saying that all is well.  Do not look behind you and do not look
ahead; stay present.  The energy that is put forth in the past and future can
be hurtful and exhausting.  Live in the moment; do not add to it for it is not
real.  Do you understand?  When you dwell in the past the memories bring up
emotions you had then.  It is not the present for it has taken you away from
the present moment.  You want to be consciously aware.  We feel that there are
moments that you want to remember because of how it felt for you.  Positive
ones, happy ones, joyful ones, and these are good to remember, but, you cannot
stay there because you are missing what is happening right now.  Do you see?
That is over too.  Not that you cannot have these feelings, but, they must be new
feelings.  Do not relive negative or positive memories.  Stay present!
There is much excitement here in our reality.  We see what is happening on your
earth.  We see the difficulties and complexities and turmoil, but, at the same time
see the joy, and fun and laughter and the good people are doing for humanity.
Overcome obstacles.  Get beyond them.  Know there is a better outcome.  Do not
get stuck in a rut.  Move through them.  See opportunities and see ways or options
to get through your circumstances.  Imagine, imagine, imagine!  Use your powers
within to manifest a reality that you want.  Focus your energy into your desires; your
desired outcome; your passions; your life!  Live do not retreat!  Yes, you may have had
horrific experiences, but, you can get beyond them.  Do not let them control you and
take away your happiness or your desires; your power.  Do not feel victimized.
No one is a victim.  These are experiences  the soul has designed to experience
to learn; to be; to teach.  All is not for naught.  Learn and apply the messages
that these experiences teach you.  Notably, it may take time to discover what
the teaching is.  Be a good student.  Learn so there is no repeat of the experience.
The earth realm is a teaching school.  How do you deal with what you've learned?
How do you change the thoughts or beliefs or behavior which does not work for
you?  How do you be yourself?  What can you do to optimize the situations?
They cannot break you unless you let them.  You are most powerful beings and
you must realize this.  The sooner the better, for all that was will no longer be and
you will have to be resilient and creative and magnify yourselves.   Things will
change dramatically in your world and you will have to adjust, accept, or it will
not benefit you.  The soul knows, but, humans on a conscious level do not, and
will react differently from one another.  If one cannot get beyond the fear it will
hold you back from moving forward; from progressing, from learning; from knowing
that what you believed or accepted to be truth or real... is not!


We would like for you to prepare yourselves; to be open to learning; to

acknowledging certain beliefs are not so; certain behavior not positive;

to learn what love is and that we are all connected.  We are all one.  Therefore,

when you love you love all.  When you hate you hate all.  We are all the same

and created from the same source.  Though, we may look different, behave

differently, think differently, we can be in harmony.


There is such a strong hold on humanity of what is right and what is

wrong; what is truth; what is not acceptable.  It appears to be fine with

one person and not the other.  So what do you do?  Let it be!  Let the

other person follow their own path.  These paths can be separate from

the other, but, they can maintain their relationship by accepting the

differences.  Tolerance and compromise is what is needed, along with

accepting the individual.  Do you choose to have peace?  Are your

beliefs so imbedded within you that if someone is so different from

you you make it your intention to change that person.  You cannot!

That person changes his/herself because they decide to change, not

because you want them too.  Allow for differences and be accepting.

You are together for a reason.


Though you may live in different countries and with cultural differences,

people can co-exist.  So look at yourself and address these issues.  For

when you resolve them you will not only be a happier person, but, one

who has changed and experienced growth; loving not only yourself, but,

others.  Take to heart what has been said.  Ponder these statements.  Let

go of the prejudices for they are related to unloving thoughts and behavior.

Always go within for your truths!  This is the miracle of the Godsource...

that you all can access the divine!


We end this and give you our love.  Love is everything.  Love is you!

 Samuel, et al




Copyright 2014

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