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About Me

                                            Debra A. Charveron

                                                       My Bio


I have been working in the metaphysical field since 1990.  My spiritual and metaphysical pursuits started at an early age.  It was after doing meditation for about a year, on a consistent basis, my abilities became known to me.  Shortly after that, I felt that my work was in the metaphysical field and made a commitment to this path.  


I have done readings at psychic and holistic fairs, house parties, and metaphysical bookstores.  All in various locations.  I've done readings on 2 blog talk radio shows. I do private readings in person and over the phone.  Currently, doing readings at a New Age store in Springfield, IL.


As a psychic, I receive visions, guidance, and information relating to you, as well as, information on your other lives.  I can receive a variety of information by holding personal objects which is known as psychometry. 

As a medium, I communicate with various entities, in spirit or other life forms.  I have relayed messages during readings for individuals, and in groups.  This communication not only occurs during readings, it is the means for which I am able to liberate spirits from various locations where unusual phenomena occurs. 


I channel healing energy and assist those to a state of well-being.  Also, I do Matrix Energetics.  This is a transformational system with amazing possibilities.  It's fascinating and magical. 


As a conscious channel, I relay profound messages from various entities.  I started receiving these messages in 2002.  They are still relevant today and available to read.  These messages are for everyone. 


I have created "THE RAINBOW", which is a unique packet including: information on energy centers (chakras) and meditation; seven specific stones in a pouch; and a diagram designating the chakra areas. The stones may be used during meditation. This packet is available for purchase at $25 and will be mailed & insured.


Contact me for information, services, and fees at 217-413-1951 or email me at: or message me on Facebook.


I accept cash, check, money order or credit cards on day of appointment for in-person readings.  For phone readings I accept credit cards on day of appointment or prepaid with check or money order a few days prior to appointment for reading.


Also, phone readings are available through, search for Debra C             (see schedule for availability)




Illinois State University, Santa Monica Junior College, Richland Community College, Lincoln Land Community College, Heartland Community College - Certification


Spiritual Human Yoga (now known as M.E.L.) - Completed Level 6

Matrix Energetics - Certification of Levels 1 & 2







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