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Channeled Message From Aron on 4-19-12 through

Debra A. Charveron

There is an element of desperation in the soul of the Unconscious.  It is the desire of the soul to become aware.  There are moments in creativity that the consciousness is awakened.  The multiplicity of consciousness is the awareness of oneself and its counterparts.  Those that create have evolved momentously and are inspired to do more.   Creativity is an awakened state in which the spirit is involved.  It is in which one is in touch or aligned with the soul.  Inevitably, one is distracted by events in one's life.
Seeking truth; seeking to know oneself; to know one's talents or abilities are to gain momentum in one's life.  It is a spiritual momentum.  The evolution of the soul is the knowledge gained through one's experiences.  The progression of the soul is marked by the moments of inspiration; of realizations; of obtaining truths and awareness of self.  Knowing who you are and your purpose for being is an enlightened soul.  The consciousness is awakened and the evolution of the soul continues to experience; learn; change and manifest realities in order for growth.  The continuance of the soul to learn here and there is to raise consciousness to higher levels of being.  To be, if you will, closer to the Godsource.  All are expressions of the creator.
Happiness lies in oneness.  The joy and love is far more than can be experienced in human form. In order for humans to evolve in a faster way is to listen to the spirit within that guides them.  It is the mind that misguides.  The lesson one must learn is to trust self.  To trust the inclination one senses.  Do not be deterred by others.  Each is on a path and varies from others as does the experiences.  It is all for learning in order for spiritual growth and for the enhancement of the soul. Be strong within.  Know yourself and be yourself.  This is important.  In the quietness of the soul one regains strength; momentum; inspiration; guidance; sense of wholeness; and connectedness to the divine.
We depart now and give our love and appreciation for this precious time with you.



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