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Message 1-10-15 continued

There are times when Debra is alone that there is a need for her to take that time and sit and relax and meditate and to allow for those who wish to speak to her.  It does not always have to be with the two of you as before she was by herself and there were times where we or others would make themselves known and she would communicate.  So this needs to happen as well.  We understand there is worldly or life matters to take care of and sometimes gets in the way of doing some of the work, but, at the same time we need to stress that it is important to make time to communicate.  Whether that is getting together; the two of you getting together or when she is alone  There needs to be a specific time given in order to communicate, because we have so much to give and so much needs to be received.  So there needs to be an ongoing and continual flow of communication.  We understand that is difficult because of family or friends.  Things occur in humans' lives that needs attention, but, we also must make it clear that those involved to realize that the communication has to take place.  It is, shall we say, number one on the list of things to do, to communicate, because there's such a great deal of information that would be pertinent and beneficial to one's life.  (Donna:  I have a question.)  Yes  (Donna:  Will I, in the near future, be able to receive some of this communication too?  I'm open and willing.)  We see this happening this year.  There are some clearings that need to take place within yourself, also, the healings will...some of the healings will take place as well.  The opportunity to channel information is also your path.  It is also your desire to create this.  This can happen much more quickly because of what is happening this year.  What is happening with those of a higher spiritual level is that the abilities are revealing themselves.  It's not like you have not done this before; you have.  It's just opening up more.  Knowing that you are multi-dimensional; that you have capabilities that are beyond what has been seen or heard.  Yes, this will take place and the more that you meditate and the more that you desire to communicate the more you are in the presence of others that the blending of the energies will help to create more of what you are desiring.  It is not something that you have to create on your own.  We can be helpful.  (Donna:  I will really appreciate that.)


There is a matter that we would speak about.  It is a concern of many who are in this world who have thoughts of...fearful thoughts.  There are many who have a tendency to believe what they are being told by someone or the media.  The media has a way of instilling fear and so it would be wise for many to not listen or not to believe.  It's like discount what is being said or what you are seeing.  There are many things that creates fear because of what they are viewing and we know this is going on throughout the world, in many countries.  Many of the people are viewing and reading and believing everything that is being said or shown.  There are many lies that exist in this world and things are being fabricated and shown to people or people are reading about these things that truly do

not exist or they are distorted from the truth.  So go with your gut, go with your intuition of what you hear from others.  One must dismiss many things that are said and trust what you feel; trust what you receive as information from other sources; higher sources meaning those in spirit or other life forms, other light beings.  Trust what you receive from them. 


We are pure in our words.  We are honest and we are trustworthy.  These are traits that one wants to have in others that one relates to.  We come from that stance, that point of view of being true to ourselves, as well as, being truthful to others.  (Donna:  We both, also, believe the same because without trust nothing can be fostered.  You know, in an environment there has to be a loving, pure relationship and that is what we offer to you also in return.)   

We are highly grateful for this and we do know this of the two of you that there will be the honest interaction and that is why so many are drawn here to communicate, is they, also, have those features within them.  For love comes with truth.  We are examples of love and we do want to show this and show others that we are truthful, are honest, and come from a very positive point of view; a positive state of being.  We want to show this to others.  This is why we have communicated so many times and have stated over and over our purpose and why we are here; that our intention is all good, all loving, and of benefit to everyone.  We stress that over and over because we want you to really know that is the reason why we are here. 


Even though, it may be difficult to view another light being.  Maybe their form just doesn't reconcile with your thoughts, so to speak, or the way they communicate or behave.  It will be unusual, it will be different, you know.  That's the way it is.  There are just so many uncountable beings that live in different dimensions and realities and universes.   So it is just like "Okay, I accept what you look like or who you are and I work on my trust with you".  We do not expect you to automatically trust every being that you see immediately, but, there will be the growing of a relationship.   You don't immediately trust someone, a stranger, not always.  You may feel that you can trust this light being.  You may feel that.  Even though, maybe what you are seeing doesn't fit into your image of a being, this is the way it is.  There are many differences.  It may take just a little while for each of you and others to get use to the appearance or the behavior of that being.  The communication should be clear, otherwise, there is no point in interacting if you cannot understand.  This will occur with some people.  It depends on the level of intelligence.  It depends on the openness of the individual, because people can say "stay away".  They do this to humans and they may do that to other forms as well.

There will be a variety of reactions and discussions.  A multitude of discussions about what's happening in the world.  We, some of us, a majority of us, have a sense of humor and that in many ways helps to ease things with people.  Also, that we being at a higher level we have a presence that allows the other person to feel comfortable; to feel the warmth or the love, but, that is if the person is allowing to receive or stay there.  You understand?  (Donna: Yes)  Staying in the presence of that being and not running away (Donna:  I understand)  and hiding and not being so fearful.  It's at that moment where they choose to stay in the presence of that being.  Taking that risk,; they feel it is a risk; there is no risk.  People will feel that.  They will feel many things.  We just want to tell you this.  We want you to inform others that this is how it may be.  Again, it is to stay with the experience.  Get benefit from that experience.  Allow yourself to go with it, instead, of running away from fear, whatever, fear you may have.  Immediately, with some a wall

comes up and with others a tremendous fear that they want to run, instead, of knowing why this being is here; not even giving the opportunity to that being. 


We understand that you are both working on accepting others and being open to whatever that being presents itself, in what appearance you will be accepting of or maybe not knowing quite what to do.  It's when the communication starts.  I mean, if you are allowing for the communication then you can understand better about this being.  I am at kind of at a loss of how to describe the circumstances, but, you may experience something you don't know what it is.  Again, it is to stay with it and not divert yourself, not take a detour.  "Okay, something is here, someone's here, I'm going to wait".   Then when that being knows that you are ready for the communication, it will take place.  Then you will have that understanding of who the being is and why they are here and what their purpose is; what their job is, so to speak.  The Creator has a perfect design for this.  One cannot, at least, we cannot discount this.  We cannot dismiss this. 


Obviously, it is happening with us.  We are communicating.   You do not know what I look like or the others look like, but. you will.  You will know.  It is the communication before the seeing that helps you.  It helps you.  "Okay, I am familiar with this one.  I am okay.  I feel safe".  This is what we want both of you to feel and to take the time to observe what you are experiencing at that moment.  There may be others who do not see what you are seeing.  They cannot experience what you are experiencing, but, when you do have someone who can acknowledge what you are seeing and hearing, you know, that is a great support and another and another and so on and so forth.  We just want to make things clear to you that there are certain steps one must take to be able to see who you are

talking with and to be able to discern.  "Okay, I am talking to this particular group or I am talking to this individual cause I know something is familiar".   You can identify.  It will take some time.  We do not expect you to instantly know who you are talking with.  We realize that it takes some time.  Also, the evolution of the abilities will come forward and so it will make it easier to know who you are speaking with or who you are experiencing something

with.  The norm will change okay.  The norm will no longer be normal.  People will ask what is normal.  You are use to seeing humans.  Okay, now "I see this being and I see this being and this one".   It's just your reality is expanding and will be inclusive of the beings you are communicating with.  As you evolve there will be others that you will communicate with or experience something with or be taught something.  So it's just being open to "Okay, I have new friends".  (Donna:  Okay, we like new friends.)  New and strange and wonderful different looking friends.  You have to understand that we are use to the differences of being and we have interacted with other realities, other worlds and they have with us.  We have more of an acceptance of others or more awareness and it's just like an inter-worldly communication or community.  We want to say it that way because we are aware of each other.  We are aware of the differences in the appearances of others.  It is not a problem for us.  We know that it would be for humankind because most humans do not experience other beings or if they do they try to rationalize it and dismiss it.  "Oh, I am imagining things".   We know this and we do find this humorous at times.  It's like ... see me, see me.  There are some who have a great sense of humor that they are playing with the human but the human doesn't know it.  (Donna:  I bet. I would.  I do have a question.  If I get a better camera than my cell phone will we be able to catch some things on film like the sunsets that you spoke of.  Seeing some of....your presence?)  Yes, you will both have that ability 

of capturing the essence of others or something unusual in the sky. 


There is the opportunity to go further in your meditations and your experiences as a group, in  your spiritual group or together.  There is the desire to be more to do more.  Also, as the group, the group feels that way as well.  We would like for them also to know that they are capable of experiencing more as well, individually, and in the group.  There again, it needs to be this acceptance of what is being said and being open to that, because we feel there are some that are not really trusting what is being said, or what has been revealed.  There are amazing things that can be done as a group if all were on the same page of thinking.  Do you realize this?  (Donna:  Yes, I am excited about that.  Anything that you can offer as possibilities that we have not thought of we are more than ready to hear that so we can evolve the group and be a huge influence for others to follow that path.)  As a group you can be quite powerful.  Again, it's everyone thinking this way.  Even just being open to the possibility.  That helps.  It's like a step in to accepting what has been said.  People have to get into that mindset...there is life elsewhere.  There is life elsewhere, but ,they are coming here and have been here to help the Earth and to help mankind.  When all are accepting of what is said and all are in that mindset, okay we have help, there are beings here, we have information that is beneficial, we can utilize this information.  Everyone, in the group, must be on the same page.  One can upset the applecart, so to speak.  So it is important to know the truth from each individual and where they are at with this information, with this idea of having help from those in other worlds.   (Donna:  Ok) 


So it may take a little while.  It know there are some that are just not trusting of this.  (Donna: True)  "I have to see it first and then I'll believe it".  Then they can go from there.  In some ways it is a test for those is a test.    It is a test for those who must...let's see, how do we say this.  It is a test for those who have not been trusting, for whatever the reason in their life experience here, to take that risk and say "Okay, I will believe you.  I will believe what you are saying to me.  I will take that risk.  I will take that risk of being foolish or embarrassed or whatever, playing the fool.  I will take that risk and believing what you are saying".   In so doing, there is a change within the self of okay you made a choice, you have opened up to having an experience then.  Do you realize this? 

When that person makes the choice to believe what you are saying; or what Debra is saying; what the messages say; when they make that choice then they are opening themselves to experience.  That is they would have to truly invest themselves in what is being said.  Taking that risk.  "Okay, I will believe this.  I know this to be true".   You know,

things can happen where people's minds change.  You know, people's beliefs change because of their experience or because they see something happen or they see someone so different from how they knew them or feeling or sensing,you know, changes or something different.  We would like for you to tell the group that they must be more open; more not as protective as they have been of themselves; and allowing information in; planting the seed; okay and seeing the seed grow; for if it does not grow it limits their experience.  Do you understand this?  (Donna:  Yes, absolutely.) Okay. 


When this happens and we feel that it will happen, it may be a bit slow, but, sometimes it just takes someone speaking to that person and saying something that is so effective that it gets the person thinking about it.  Hopefully, changing their mind about what they are believing or what they are thinking about the world or life elsewhere or life here.  Those really being here to help us, you know, to help the Earth, help humankind.  So it is important that the group comes together and when they come together it can be so powerful, as I said, that you can all be in the same moment, present moment of mind and as a group that energy is very intense and very strong and you can focus on something and have affect.  Do you see:  (Donna:  Yes)   It's like having affect on conflict with two countries.  You know, you can diffuse that conflict.  There's that much power in as a group,

more so than an individual.  When you are all focusing on the same thing with intention; with emotion; with the same focus when you are not detouring from that has great affect on the target you see.  This can also be done with the government; the U.S. government, there's so much turmoil and we see a lot of corruption and greed and power.  Thinking of power and status, all this, and not thinking of other people.  It's me, me, me kind of thing.  You can affect them as well.  It's not really... it's not a mind control, but, it is something where truth comes to that person and love and positive thinking and caring about others.  It's like that energy is being sent to them and somehow changes them.  Do you understand this?  (Donna:  Yes)  Okay, so it's not having mind control like oh this politician is going to do this.  You know, it's not that.  It's just sending out that energy and it having a positive affect on that person. (Donna:  Sure)  That person positively changing and being a better person.  It's not only that way that a person can change and be different it's also the

experiences with other light beings and knowing truths and knowing how to be and how not to be.  All these things, you know.  If a person is not so stubborn and not rejecting of information that they have heard or the experience that they have had, then that person can change.  There may be many who have unusual experiences that just, you know, dismiss it discount it and not talk about it.  There will be a variety of reactions, but, that's okay, because everyone has a choice of what they want to do, what they want to

accept or reject.  That is the freedom that is here with individuals. 


So we feel now that we should end this because a lot has been said so there is a lot to think about and process.  There will be more, of course, that we will speak to you about and others who will speak to you about.  It cannot be where it is so overwhelming you get so confused about what is being said or what is going to be done.    This person and that person.  There is just so much we can say at a specific time. (Donna:  We understand.)  So we would like for you two think about these things in the interim.  If there is something that you need clarified we are always available to clarify things or to communicate again.  (Donna:  Again, a request to make it quicker for us to put this information on the computer would really be helpful...please.)  We understand that there are many things in this world that are very, very, primitive and slow.  We will try to help you with this.  As indicated when this event takes place and there is more of the evolution of abilities you will be capable of doing things that you haven't seen before (Donna:  Excellent.)  or you haven't done yourself before (Donna:  Thank you.)   This is truly something that you will be experiencing in the future.  It's just remain open "Yes I want more, I want to do more, I can do this, I have the power to do this".  (Donna:  Excellent.  Thank you so much for speaking with us today and we look forward to our future meetings as well and seeing you in person or in spirit as it were.)  You are quite welcome and we are very happy to have this time together.  Now we will leave you.  We give you our blessings.  (Donna:  Thank you so very much and blessings to you as well.)



Samuel, et al




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