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Channeled Message from Samuel on 8-21-14 through Debra A. Charveron, with Donna Kirby present

It is I, Samuel, I wish to speak in order to inform you and others are to be prepared

for changes that will occur very quickly; very soon.  In order for you to be prepared

you must listen well to what is being spoken here.  We speak as one and we have

spoken before.  We would like for you both (Debra & Donna) to listen well to what

is being said at times like these for it is helpful in your advancement and it is a

special time in which both of you can learn and to be more open and receptive

to the very many beings that exist. 
We are in some ways, laying the ground...laying the foundation for those to
experience more.  To experience, subtlely, the revealing thoughts of those
who are not in human form.  We, as one, have a unified method of being and
we do have certain functions; certain duties, as you would say, to perform here.
In so doing, we have to communicate with those in human form so that they will
understand why we are here; what we are doing; and how we are helping.  We
understand the human mind.  We understand the complexities of the human
nature.  We can very well express our thoughts in order for humankind to
understand that there are numerous beings who have come here to help in
the very many different ways.  We are here to instruct those who are very
open-minded and in a receptive state of being.  We find that the two of
you are in this state of being and that it makes it easy for us to communicate
to you both.  We have much to teach and much to share with you and
appreciate the opportunity to do so.
In order for you to understand our way of thinking we will inform you at
times of our thoughts.  If they are clear to you we will present more
information as we go along in sessions such as these.  Our thoughts are
somewhat different from the human because we are in a form that is
different.  Our level of being is a vibration much higher than that of the
humankind.  We are able to, let us say, lower our vibration in order to
interact with the humans or to communicate at the level of the being;
of the individual.  So it is our intention to share information that is
beneficial to humans.  Hopefully, influence humans in special ways.  Ways
in which they can enrich their lives.  Ways in which they can improve
the systems; the economic systems in this world; the treatment of others;
the very many ways that one wishes to have improvements.  We can help
in most aspects of that.  We are technologically advanced.  We are able to
go inter-dimensionally.  We have vehicles that are not necessarily solid as
you may think.  Your vehicles of transportation are solid.  Ours are not and
they are more malleable and that flexibility allows us to move through different
We'd like to say to you both that we are here for you to understand.  We are
here to explain things that are complicated.  We do not want to say things
that may be over your head, so to speak.  We want to make things perfectly
clear.  So there needs to be the understanding.  You need to acknowledge
that you do not understand something that we say so we can make it clear
to you.  At times this may occur. 
We are here for definite reasons.  It is to help mankind and to help the Earth
itself; to progress; to ascend to other levels of being.  Many will choose to do this. 
There will be those who won't, but, they are not lost.  They will have opportunities
to progress as well.  Our purpose is to relay information, also, to allow for the being;
the humankind to feel our love; to feel our compassion; to know that we are here for
you and the Earth.  We have great love and respect for those who are here.  We are
helping you to evolve, as so many others are here and will be here to help
evolve in other ways.  Not only as a human being, also, in ways of healing and
ways of working; progressing; of being more advanced in transportation or
ways of thinking.  Just ways of doing things differently that has never been
thought of before.  We have these teachings and so many others have as well.
So we all are working together in some ways as one mind because we are of the
The Creator is the one who has designed this; has desired this to be. 
So there has to be a working, functioning mechanism, so to speak, of a
tremendous teamwork.  This is so, because the Creator is so powerful that
the Creator enables all of us to know why we are here; to know why we have
come and for that purpose.  It is that purpose to allow humans to know who
they are; who they truly are.  To be given teachings that will elevate humankind.
That will for love to be experienced.  To be be a positive force.  All
these things are to be of benefit to humankind, also, to be of benefit to the Earth.
The Earth needs to be cared for.  The Earth needs to be viewed differently.  To
have more respect for a life; a consciousness that is giving to humankind in many
ways.  There is much the Earth has given.  People here look at things...take things
for granted and think this will ...oh this will be in existence forever.  They are not
looking at it realistically or not looking at the world as a whole.
What is being done in different areas of the world, is the destruction and
devaluing of other humans; other souls.  To think that if they eliminate
their enemy they no longer exist, but, this is not true for they all exist;
all will always exist; always have existed.  So there needs to be teachings
such as that, that no matter what is done to humankind that soul lives on.
That soul is so much more than what humankind is.  So much more than some

that exist on other planets.  There are other levels of being on other planets. 

Some are advanced, some are not.  Some may be advanced technologically-

speaking, but, not spiritually-speaking.
We have that purpose of sharing that all that exist here; all souls here,
there, everywhere, are of the Creator.  A Creator of love.  We are
expressions of that love.  Some of us have chosen certain paths which do
not lead to that; do not express that.  So we want to inform that humans
are not humans, not in the sense of the true reality.  The true reality is
that we are all souls.  We all come from love.  Love is what needs to be
expressed for self; for others; for the Earth; for nature; for animals; for
all beings.  So with this instruction...with this eventual interaction with
humankind it is to not to create panic; to create a comfortableness and a
easiness of being with each other, though, we are different in appearance;
in thought. 
Some of us are not emotional.  Some are not of a higher intellect, but, are
loving.  There are many different kinds.  You will see over time that the
beings are expressing their love and care.  It may seem strange, or not
someone you can relate to.  There will be some that will resonate with you
and that's who you will be drawn to.  Those that you resonate with there
will be a comraderie with.  Humans here think differently.  They all will
resonate with certain beings.  All of you will not resonate with everyone.
It's very well known this is going to take place and that who you are
meant to know; work with; receive instruction, guidance, teachings;  you
will know who those beings are.  They will present themselves to you.
It is for a purpose that the humankind is comfortable and accepting of
others who are not in human form.  Perceptions will be different. 
Appearance will be different.  The way of thought or communication
will be different.  In some ways, humankind will telepathically know
what has been given to them.  Not necessarily with speaking, but,
telepathically; mind to mind.  So it is to make it easier for humans to
communicate.  To be in the same environment of those that are
We know that it will take some time to get use to that.  We do not come
and make ourselves known immediately for this would create such fear;
such panic and cause people to do things that they normally do not do.
So it is to ease into humans' lives and make them aware subtlely,
eventually, less subtle.  That is to give time to inform and to present to
people of this world that there are other life forms in other dimensions.
Some are of nature.  You would call nature spirits.  They have a
different form; a different purpose.  There are others who are very...

maybe, seemingly businesslike or not emotional or more of an

intellectual.  Different way of doing things.  It's a matter of adjusting to

something that is very different from you.  So this will take some time to

get use to.  Some will some won't.  Those who do not is because of not

willing to accept what they are experiencing.  Not willing to accept the

world is not the way they think it is.  They cannot, as you would say,

cannot wrap their heads around it. 


We understand this, we know this because many of the human experience

does not involve being aware of another presence.  Though, there are many

who do have communication with others and who have experienced unusual

things which they consider supernatural or so unusual they will not talk about.

All in all, it is the perfect time for this so-called intervention that we speak of

that is of great necessity for this planet to exist and for humankind to continue

to exist.  It is very much necessary.  It is the Creator who has allowed us to

participate and allowing us to do certain things.  We cannot be totally free in

what we may think is necessary.  It is a little bit controlled, so to speak, how

we interact with humans and what is shared.  So this is all in that of the power

of the Source of our lives.  We are prepared to do what is necessary; what is

given to do; what we will know to do.  Do you understand this? 


There is to be no fear that we have come to control anything or anyone or have

any power over anyone.  Although, we will exhibit powers, we will exhibit abilities

that are beyond the humankind.  This may be overwhelming to some, but, it is to

know that you know we are of an advanced level.  Our sole purpose is to help

humans and to help the Earth.  That's why we are here.


So with that we would like to end this session and to say that we are grateful for

the opportunity to speak again and there will be others who will speak as well.


Samuel, et al




                                                                                                       Photo by Robert Allen                                                   


The following is an excerpt from a channeled message on 10-29-14  by Samuel.
A monumental event will occur around January, 2015.  It's a time of celebration for it begins the opening; the great opening of spirit connection.  It will be for those who have reached a level of understanding and desire to communicate with others.  You will see that it is monumental in comparison to what you have experienced.  This is something to look forward to. 


January 30, 2015, Donna and I saw rainbow colors in the clouds.  She was in Springfield,IL and I was in Chatham, IL.   We saw this a few minutes apart from each other.  I took 2 photos.  I should have taken the pictures when I first saw this occurence as the colors were much clearer. - Debra





Photo by Debra Charveron

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